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Busy busy

Lots going on right now. Head's whirling with things to remember, especially when it comes to the Siberia project. It's not that there's a lot of work that I need to do for it, just a lot of diverse information I'm processing in relatively short time-windows without forgetting anything major. Which is an excercise in multi-threaded neural programming, something I have been in need of practicing.

This laptop is getting on my tits again. If I have any time ever I need to get under the cover again. There's something wrong with the power-down whereby the dynamic power control kicks everything cold before the shutdown sequence has finished. Which means every time I power up, I've been seeing Scandisk[0]. For the past while, it has been defaulting to a surface scan with no "just do the simple one this time" due to the count of bad shutdowns. Tonight was the first night I could spend the three hours it takes to go through the surface scan. There's something wrong with the connection to the hard disk, occasionally the disk will stop responding until I press on the cover above it. Of course, unless I get some time to myself this weekend (unlikely with the way my parents are going) this problem is just going to carry on going. At least I get to use my hardware icon.

Head cold is making concentrating feel like my head is swimming in cotton wool, so more later.

[0]: Laptop => no fsck

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