Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


Bollocks. Another Tuesday without an entry. I think there's some kind of significance to the pattern.

Anyway. Couldn't have posted earlier if I wanted to. I was busy changing my O$[0], as you do on an evening after work. The laptop may be crammed full of propriatary hardware, but the spawn of all evil that is ME had taunted me for the last time. So, I've spent my evening upgrading to 2K.

The odd thing is, the wipe-clean and reinstall (with partition spare for potentially adding a Linux distro) didn't take so long. What took the time was all the stuff Ihad to back up. Lots of downloaded programs, of course, but dialup means a 12 meg file is a big deal. The main thing was all the writing I've done. Text file upon text file. It'd be worrying if I wasn't so good at it.

Anyway. I need to sort out my prefs.

[0]: FSVO which aren't anywhere near the definition of a real OS.

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