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Nottingham today. Had to be up at six in order to pick up the other corporate slave going down there for brainwashing. First time on a motorway, but wasn't any bother on the way there. I'm a natural when it comes to motor vehicles.

The thing I was here for was worse. Corporate induction^Wbrainwashing, so we know what the companies do (give loans to people who can't afford them). Long intro, stupid "games" which were engineered to cause maximum embarrasment while imparting some kind of "mission statement" that we should do our best to adhere to. As fucking if. And of course, there were quizzes to make sure we were paying attenton. Zebra. Complete and total zebra.

Of course, throughout this, there was no coffee. Lunch was shite, triangle sandwiches and typical flavourless dross which leaves the eater still hungry. By two in the afternoon I was looking for something to kill, but me and the other victim were alone in our bloodlust and had had to check our weapons at the door. Bastards.

Four couldn't have come soon enough. Suit-wearing wankers making sure that we go through listening to their soundbytes and "motivational" shit. And then the drive home, on the leading edge of the commuter rush, stop-starting down the M1. Three and a half hours to get back, with no chance to stop for coffee (didn't want to get in the real rush hour jam), lights of the cars coming the other way glaring into my eyes all the way. By the time I got back I was both knackered and had a pounding head full of corporate shit.

I hate the working world.

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