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Random Thought

Either the Royal Mail are dicking me around or people ain't sending me things when they should be. Here's the count of what I've supposed to have received so far:

The 3 remaining New Style and 1 remaining SLA Industries book that I do not have, from Hogshead. Payment on the card went through over a week ago. No sign.

A Pratchett paperback, the Confederation Handbook, Lazarus Churchyard and BESM, from Amazon. All but BESM arrived Wednesday. Lazarus Churchyard kicks major arse. Still no idea of when BESM should be here.

Whatever the guys sent me from the GitMeet 2K2. I ain't sure when it was supposed to be sent, but most things internationally don't take more than a week, so I'm getting worried.

Several bills for my cell phone. All received. All paid for.

I bet it's the GPO. Sons of female dogs that they are couldn't read a post code properly if they tried...

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