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Why the hell not

* Name On Birth Certificate: Stewart Paul Wilson
* Nicknames: Stew
* Birthday: May 17th
* Email:
* Color Of Eyes: Brown
* Color Of Hair: Dark brown
* Shoe Size: 11 (UK)
* Brothers/Sisters: One brother.
* Age Of Brothers/Sisters: 22 and 24
* When Is Your Bedtime? Usually between 1:30 and 2

--------------- HAVE YOU EVER ---------------
* Been So Drunk You Blacked Out: Yes
* Put A Body Part On Fire For Amusement: Not yet
* Been In A Car Accident: Yes, and it was the other guy's fault.
* Been Hurt Emotionally: Yes.
* Kept A Secret From Everyone: Yes.
* Had An Imaginary Friend: No.
* Cried During A Movie: No.
* Had A Crush On A Teacher: Two of them.
* Been On Stage: Yep, in school. Want to get back on every time I see one.
* Cut Your Hair: No.
* Been Sarcastic: Guess.

---------------- FAVORITES ----------------
* Shampoo: Good shit. Pantene for preference, but since I don't do any shopping I don't get to use it. So I am bitter
* Soap: Whatever's there
* Colour: Black or Blue
* Day/Night: Night
* Summer/Winter: Autumn, because I love using a word Americans don't
* On-line Smiley: :¬) because of the post-modernism inherent in it. But graphic smileys can suck dick for Satan as the bandwidth-sucking stupidity-infused AOHELL brainchild that they are.
* Cartoon Characters:
* Fave Food: Curry.
* Fave Advertisement: "We made all the pies".
* Fave Movie: The Matrix, Chasing Amy, The Italian Job.
* Fave Ice Cream: Mint
* Fave Subject: Maths
* Fave Drink: Dr Pepper. Or Irn-Bru. Or fucking strong coffee
* Fave Person: [Unknown LJ tag]

------------------ RIGHT NOW ------------------
* Wearing: Black jeans and shirt
* I'm Feeling: Fucked off with the world.
* Drinking: Dr Pepper and vodka
* Thinking About: How to avoid the NoEC when pppd connects on /dev/ttyLT0
* Listening To: A Tribe of Toffs - John Kettley is a Weatherman
* Talking To: coaldustcanary, palominomule
* Watching: The Linux Supervillain

---------------- IN THE LAST 24 HRS ----------------
* Cried: No
* Worn a skirt: No
* Met Someone New: No
* Done Laundry: No
* Driven A Car: No

----------- DO YOU BELIEVE IN -----------
* Yourself: I do when I do, I don't when the magic needs it.
* Your Friends: More than I do myself.
* Santa Claus: No.
* Tooth Fairy: No.
* Destiny/Fate: Yes and no. All at the same time. Everything is true and everything is false, all at once. "Destiny" is an expression of a concept which I can't say I agree with, but people do not have a full range of free will.
* Angels: As a metaphor.
* Ghosts: As a metaphor.
* UFO's: As a metaphor.

-------------- OTHER --------------
* Do You Have A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: coaldustcanary
* Who Have You Known The Longest Of Your Friends: gominokouhai, even if we can't agree on how long.
* Who's The Loudest: Simon. One of the few guys I've kissed, in related news.
* Who's The Shyest: John
* Who's The Weirdest: tef
* Who Do You Go To For Advice: A few people who I am too good to name.
* Who Do You Cry With: Myself, mostly.
* When Did You Cry The Most: Not at a funeral, though I've been to a few of them. When I realised how much shit I was in in Germany, after three days of nothing but soul-sucking crap.
* What's The Best Feeling In The World: Being loved.

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