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Spreading the Meme

Blame innocent_man.

This is for all you gamers out there.

What five games would you love to run/play if you had a willing group and a weekly time slot, and why?

Now, as a preamble, I'm going to limit myself to one game only from a gameline. I may love the idea of doing Mage, Werewolf and Wraith, but I have to work out which I want.
  1. Unknown Armies — I've run this a grand total of once. Once is not enough. It's one of those settings where the underlying metaphysic is present only as much as it needs to be, and the focus of the game is suitable for anything gritty and dark. It wouldn't be a fun game, with film stars being Avatars and humourous drunk dipsomancers. It'd be the kind of game where the Freak is the kind of nice, wholesome guy you take home to meet your family. Weep is a truly inspiring series of scenarios which I would put to full use.
  2. Trinity — While doing this meme, thinking about the games I've got that I haven't run enough, I thought of Trinity. And I thought "But what would I want to run?" Stargate, baby. SG-1, with an Upeo instead of the Gate, Doyen in place of the Goa'uld System Lords, the AEon Trinity as the USAF and the psion PCs as the first-contact team. Talking when they need to, kicking arse when they need to, and a perfect example of an episodic game. No more than three sessions per story, if possible one-shots. Short, encapsulated plots, modelled on the TV show. No baggage or sprawling continuity; Global Frequency rather than X-Men
  3. Cyberpunk 2020Cybergeneration would be nice as a follow-up, but a CP2020 morality play on the ethics of the revolution, the characters as typical punks. Setting-wise, ditching the Net in favour of a homebrew system based on the Metaverse in Snow Crash and how computers *gasp* actually work, but not bogged down in detail (I know, a first for any cyberpunk game). Players would earn their characters bonus XP for supplemental material. A media writing a newspaper piece on the societal trends and where they are going. A cop coming up with a fictional list of how crime trends are going and so on.
  4. Continuum — a.k.a. the roleplaying game for those who enjoy temporal physics and social dyamics,  the one thing which really burned me on Aetherco is that years after promising Narcissist (the follow-up), the damn game is still nowhere near available. The game's way too dense for someone to pick it up as they go, and requires at least two readings of just the player parts before I'd trust someone to make a character, but once those hurdles are crossed the detail and thought that's gone into the game shine through. The whole thing is on a par with and in some ways exceeds Nobilis for the sheer thought that has gone into the setting and society, and the time travel mechanics are not half bad either. The game screams at me to run it, but I doubt I will ever find players who can handle it.
  5. Champions — Fuck off. I love supers games, especially those in modern or post-ironic settings (see Aberrant), but I'd rather have a system which doesn't assume any setting and tailor it to a setting, if only because I prefer the freedom (and my love of tin-cans, whichAb doesn't handle, means nothing). Champions specifically because I love the character generation. I'm a math-head, and looking back at a character and having a few ideas about how to tweak them two days after doing the initial build is something I like, in a perverse way. The only game I've been told will give me the same thrill is Mutants and Masterminds, which I am still unable to find or afford. In lieu of that, and because of some of the supers systems that have come after Champs that have made my head hurt with how wrong they are— Silver Age Sentinels, I'm looking at you — I want to run Champs and have some characters who really are the best in the world.
Mage is missing, as is Werewolf and Exalted. But I'm far more likely to run those, this is what I would run if the world were ideal for it.

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