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That is so very cool

Holy shit, that is cool.

Earlier this year I was talking about how great Mozilla was, and how everyone should use it. I mentioned some of the advantages, like the downloadable tools like Deepest Sender, Adblock, and so on. I mentioned the coding plugin which I didn't snag this time, perfect for XHTML and PHP work. And I lamented that there was no FTP client, vowing to roll my own.

Longer-term readers will know that when forced to use $BLOAT_OS, I'm a big fan of Crimson Editor. It's not quite Emacs, but it does every programming language I'm likely to use and if ever I need more it has infinite extensibility of code highlighting; something missing from the Mozilla code window, which doesn't even highlight code. Crimson will also fit happily on a floppy disk.

I just found out that Crimson has an integrated FTP client and will do intelligent ASCII transfers to handle CRLF bollocks. I'm impressed.

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