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So, happy Valentines to those with, happy Singles Awareness to those without. I shall spare no sappy sentiment, nor boasting about having a card... except maybe I shall share the geek love poem. For coaldustcanary, of course:

r0535 ar3 #FF0000,
v101375 ar3 #0000FF,
a11 0f my ba53
ar3 b310ng t0 y0u!

I feel such a geek for that. But I thought it was funny.

Breakfast was entertaining. Some kind of chili and potato flatbread that a local place has started doing, alongside thick cuts of mis-shaped bacon and too much coffee. The chilibread especially was good, everyone had some and even my mouth was tingling. Which meant that my mum and brother were panting for water after they finished.

Apart from that, not much yet. I have the software payload of this machine finally up and running right and all updated, but am still no further in my Mystery Debian Modem Problems. I may have to go out tomorrow and buy an external serial modem for the fuck of it. Probably a better idea, all told.


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