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One litre of Californian red antifreeze, because we're all out of vodka and I can't afford to get more yet. Check.
One prawn vindaloo. Check.
One blunt instrument for murder of siblings for gross stupidity? Not yet, but close.

To explain: My brother is trying to get into Linux. Unfortunately, he's using Mandrake 9.odd, and KDE (I am of the mind that any desktop environment can fuck off, but then I use WindowMaker). Double unfortunately, he wants to be able to use the machine without using the root password. Ever. Including for modifying lilo.conf, fucking around in /dev, and generally doing things that those of us with one quarter of a clue will already want to be murdering him for.

His excuse? "It's annoying." I explained that perhaps some mountain climbers found it annoying to use saftey lines, but just about all of them were glad when they needed them. He ignored me and told me to basically make his user account autologin, and have root permissions. I excused myself to start drinking. There are some things I refuse to do and to render him even more dangerous at that machine than he is with Windows is one of them. Furrfu.

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