Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

It has been way too damn cold these past few days. Especially this morning, plying my 20 minute bike in to work, legs burning from over-exertion and general unfitness, every breath tasting like ice water. Foreigners wouldn't call it too cold, but fuck'em. I know my temperature ranges, and add to that the windchill for a gale force wind. I still wear my biking jacket, meaning my exertion causes my torso to drip with sweat by the time I get to work., only to have it freeze solid on contact with my incredibly well-muscled legs, without waiting for wimpy shit like specific heat capacities. Just boom. Frozen sweat.

My coffee intake is increasing. This is causing concern amongst my workmates that I am getting way too wired, but I'm totally 802.11 until I've finished the second double espresso of the morning. That I twitch occasionally by lunchtime is only to be expected, and it my typing rate edges closer to superhuman with every sip of powerful dog-water flavoured java that melts my digestive tract. They don't complain too much, especially with the cracks and barbs going around.

I've gone back to the Network Week days of the Bastard, mainly because I finished reading Zodiac (not bad, took me back to my chemistry days, but way too much water for me; I think Stephenson's love of boats is showing). It has caused a slow-dawning return to a bitter core of malevolence towards the using classes, much as happened with sticking the PFY on the helldesk. Of course, this just makes me long for Germany and a sysadmin job. Which was crap, though if I were back there but had broadband and curtains, sweet curtains[0] in addition to the blinds. Oh, to have command of kill -9 and the root password... to dodge patch-snakes and raid lusers, swinging the disk maintenance hammer left and right, carving out my niche of power and making people fear my bastadly ways.

Damn, I'm all nostalgic now.

[0]: Curtains being the one I would want to start with more, and the one I view as a luxury rather than a necessity.

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