Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Good and bad.

So, the good. Hit the town, had a good time, lightened the bank account some. Got a lead for to drag files off the lapdog prior to fixing it. Also hit the bookstores. The FLGS hadn't managed to get most of my order, only the VA tradbook. Ah well. Amazon and others for the rest, I guess. Also picked up the Book of Lies, the Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult. Which is seriously good shit. Also got the first Global Frequency collection, which was better than I had expected — and I had high expectations — and Bad World, which is something people should read.

Of course, I get back in time to get stuff fixed up, grab all I need from the laptop and try to reinstall everything... fuck. The problem isn't intermittent any more. Every time I use the disk, it works for a while and then fucks up. No way to get an OS onto it, and even if I could it would be useless. Before I can use the laptop, I therefore need a new hard drive. Which is all well and good, but they cost. Motorcycles cost as well. I had budgetted for the latter, but a HD would put the kybosh on that until next month at the earliest. So either my legs are burning things of hate and pain for the next eight weeks or my laptop is a fucking expensive doorstop until then.


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