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Interview answers

I wanted so badly to have something worth posting today. It is, after all, a palindrome day to anyone using the English means of recording the date.

Instead, I shall respond to some interview questions by way of zombie_moogle, which I am really fucking late in getting to.

If you had one superpower, what would it be, why and what would you do with it?

Telekinesis or something along those lines. Partially because it's so damned versatile, and partly because the only super-people one tends to see that are telekinetic all seem to use most of their power holding their breasts aloft. I'd do it properly. None of this wussing out at lifting a book or three or anything. Big-time versatility of having any kind of surface I need and an effective ability to touch anything that I could see.

What's the outright weirdest moment there has ever been in your life?

This one. It set me wondering about a lot of things in the aftermath, and was honestly the biggest mindfuck I have ever experienced. There's something about hallucinating when you know it's hallucination that makes you so very aware that we don't know fully how the human mind works, and that there is probably untapped potential in it somewhere.

Damnit, now I sound like a flake.

Who is your all-time favorite character you've ever played and why?

If this was "ever created", there'd be a whole different answer (Jack, who has starred in everything from Mirrorworld to Bad Religion). As it stands, I'm unsure. In many ways I want to say Paul Ferens, the character from whom I take my handle and had the most fun with, but in many cases that's because Paul was largely a self-insertion, allowing me to react to weirdness as me rather than some other character. So while that allowed for a great deal of fun, I doubt that it really counts. All in all, Searle was the one I both had fun playing and who had a consistant, multi-faceted character to him. I had a chance to really get inside his head, work out why he did what he did, and had a great deal of fun doing so. He lives on in part through the adventures of Jono Steel Trap Mind and his Pack, but since I write them they don't count.

When are you going to take over the world already? I've been waiting ever so patiently...

Soon. The trick comes in selecting both the correct starting point and the means of destruction of the extant order. Infiltration of the financial sector is my first move, inserting a few sigils and servitors to help me progress to a level where I can basically fuck up the economy of the country on a whim. Once I demonstrate the instability of the current system, we take over that Pacific island headquarters and offer a replacement for common money which has less of the instabilities. Using that we get a controlling interest in the G8 nations, and get on the bankroll of the Secret Masters. After facing down the Bavarian Illuminati with stern looks and stout sticks, we shall go on to rule by default.

Rules are as usual. If you want five from me, shoot. If you want to give me five, also shoot. Be as personal and deep or as flippant and meaningless as you want, because I'm in a narccisistic mood and enjoy talking about myself.

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