Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Back to reality

I hate vi. Any other editor, you write a file to a new filename midway through editing, you either a) are assumed to be working on the new file, or b) can see that you are working on the old file. Not vi. That allowed me to fuck up a program at work, though rather than whine to tech support like other testers have been known to do I just shrugged and rewrote the original. It's legacy code anyway, but I'd still have hell to pay if it vanished because of the system that we use.

My digestive system is having a fun time going nuts at me after the gross abuses of caffeine that were last night and today. Six pro plus are not intended to be washed down with a can of Red Bull, and five double espressos on an otherwise empty stomach are a recipie for pain. Antacids are my friends again.

Big Thoughts are thin on the ground, though that's caffeine-crash talking more than a lack of anything to think about. I've a few things I've been meaning to do in the free time Ihave, stuff to write and think about as well as some coding which I need to do to keep my hand in. Been too long since I last turned my hand to Perl, and that's a loss I regret. Time to change that.

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