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Proper work

I woke up later than I should have today. So late, in fact, that I couldn't make it to my 3:00 artificial intelligence lecture. I could have broken my back to get to Uni swiftly to be there for the practical, but it seemed rather pointless given that it would have been building on the lecture's work. Instead, I decided to laze off a bit.

After bumming around online and not getting much done, I checked my e-mail and got today's other bit of good news: The deadline that was this coming Wednesday is now the 17th of January. I have no more assignments to hand in until mid way through January. I only have the exam Wednesday afternoon, and I'm done for this semester's assessment. Of course, my Christmas holiday is going to be taken up doing the Mathematical Modelling assignment, and the Chaos Theory assignment, and working on my FYP so I hopefully don't get seriously behind when I get back, but even so. It's a nice feeling.

Said feeling was tempered by looking around my room. Books and lecture notes and old newspapers and discarded plates covering every flat surface. The area around my printer was full of the posters I have no room on the walls for, and the dead bottles of Dr Pepper I forgot to take for recycling. There's shavings of plastic on the floor from the many Gundam kits I have built. So I do something stupid. I decide to have a really good go at cleaning up.

I started doing this at 8 PM. I cleared and I cleaned and I sorted and I organised and I generally got on with the kind of work that you can really put your back into. For the first time since I arrived, the carpet has had a proper hoovering, including the spot under the rug. I have to move nothing to get to my printer. Both of my desks can now be seen, rather than being buried under piles of assorted stuff. I don't have to kick things out of the way to open my wardrobe. Admittedly, it took me seven hours to get it all done, and I got rid of two bags of rubbish. Seven hours where I wasn't staring at a screen, letting my brain do the work. Seven hours where my brain got to play the background role for a change, my body getting to do something productive. Hell, I even fixed it so that all my books fit into my two bookcases, and the pine one doesn't wobble as much. They're ordered by gameline/author, even. I've been busy.

Now, a chance to sit in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee (with milk, so you know I'm relaxing), a packet of crisps, reading through some of the old things I thought I'd lost. Perfect.

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