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Set corkscrew to stun

I'm getting used to this. One bottle of Bulgarian plonk, sat by me. Fucking amazing hair. Somedays, I love being me.

Of course, I didn't love it so much earlier. There's something about sanctimonious car-driving twats that really gets on my nerves. I was going to head into town to give daedalus668 back his stuff. Half an hour of waiting in the rain for two busses that didn't come. I stagger back home, soaked through and only then do any of the three car-owners in the house dare to interrupt their afternoons of doing nothing to offer me a lift. Fuckers. Just because they have fiberglass and plaastic wheeled boxes is no reason for them to treat me like a second hand citizen. So I waited for the rain to stop and went out and got well and truly wired to the eyeballs. Red_Bull++

Been up and down since then, not really had a chance to get sat down and get things sorted. A generally scrappy day, but overall good. After all, life is treating me well, I have booze and I have fucking amazing hair.

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