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St Piss-up day

Not much of an occasion, save seeing the vast majority of Americans claiming some Irish heritage in order to drink. Fuck that noise, they should do what we colonial English did, steal some of their country and use that as an excuse to drink anyway. Not that we need an excuse.

On the news this morning and yesterday morning both was the Government's initiative to stop binge drinking. Thing is, their limits are out. Four glasses of wine in a night is a binge. Four pints is a binge. You can tell the people making these definitions are fucking southerners who are pissed on a half of shandy. A bottle of wine or four pints is a good start for a night, enough to get me comfortably happy. But that's not any kind of binge. So I suggest a new rule: It's a binge if you can't remember exactly what you drank the night before.

It's not like the Gov't is being totally sane with these measures anyway. The trick is education and exposure, rather than locking booze away until the big 1-8 (or if you're a .usian, the retardedly long wait until 21). Look at kids in Italy and Spain, who have wine with meals from age 12 or so. Look at German teens, who consume much more beer than we do, yet are not violent or stupid about it. Of course, it is my contention that a cause of the "binge" drinking is the thought of waking up to another day in a Britain ruled by President Blair and his Cabinet of Imbeciles. Any government that makes people pay for their bed and board in prison when they have been wrongfully arrested is a good reason to get drunk.

On a much, much happier note, I've known coaldustcanary for four whole years now. Wow.

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