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More About Me

Welcome to the dumb quiz acting as a "Who is Stew?" type thing as I never can be bothered to add in a bio to the profile page. Option X later, maybe.

1) What's your family heritage?
English... I'm not one of these anal-retentive Americans who insists on being half-German, half "British" and one-thirty-second "Apache" whilst actually being Just Another White Guy. I also hate those Americans that claim to be Irish, or German, or Italian, and yet can only get an American passport. If you can't get a passport from a place you ain't from there, you fools!


2) What's your top 3 best qualities?
I have a sense of duty, I'd die for those I truly care for, and I actually make use of my brain.

3) What're your 3 biggest flaws?
I'm a stubborn bastard, I procrastinate and I eat far too much curry. Some would say I should list being a misanthrope, but I don't consider hating the species that is complaining about the name of the Two Towers movie to be a bad thing.

4) What is your biggest issue? (i.e. what Pain do you think you may never recover from?)
Failing in life. Being alone.

5) Where did you grow up?
Hessle, a suburb of Hull, East Yorkshire. That's in England for the geographically impaired and Americans.

6) What did you want to be when you grew up? Now what do you want to be when you grow up?
When I was young, I wanted to be a scientist, one of those guys that dreamed up cool gadgets and got to use them to blast the bad guys. Right now, I don't want to grow up. Maybe go into undergrad teaching, or something altogether weird.

7) What do you do for work now?
Nothing. I'm a student.

8) Where would you like to ideally see yourself in 3 years?
America, with my girlfriend.

5 years?
England, with my girlfriend.

10 years?
Alive, with my girlfriend. I don't plan ahead or any of that.

9) What do you look for in a mate?
Intelligence, a sense of humour in line with mine, a willingness to put up with me when I go overboard, and to punch me in the face when I do. Basically, my girlfriend (coaldustcanary).

10) Have you ever been married before, and if so what happened?

11) Do you want to get married? (no this isn't a proposal)
In the fullness of time, when we've had a chance to settle on the same continent.

12) Do you want children? If so, how many?

13) What if you, or your mate, are incapable of having kids? Would you leave them, or adopt? (or just buy a pet and be kids yourself?)
Perhaps adopt. Depends. We'd have cats anyway.

14) Do you like animals? If so, what type?
Domesticated (hah!) cats and all kinds of birds. Wolves, though not dogs.

15) What do you drive? What would you LIKE to drive?
I can't afford a car! They cost money, which I have none of yet my damn younger brother does. Damn him and his "night-time degree". I'd *like* to drive a Aston Martin DB7, or perhaps a Shelby Mustang GT 500 fitted with nitrous and all the works.

16) Favourite foods? Least favourite foods?
Most anything. I'm a big an of Chinese, Indian, Italian and Japanese food, though the fast food that Americans pass off as their own (hot dogs and grease ball burgers) makes me wish for a good curry.

17) Favourite bands? (the More the Merrier!)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Manic Street Preachers, The Clash, The Cure, Barenaked Ladies, Ash, Third Eye Blind, Stereophonics, the Stones, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Smashing Pumpkins, REM, Guns 'n' Roses, Ocean Colour Scene, Placebo, Motorhead, Blind Guardian, Manowar, the Sisters of Mercy, Nine Inch Nails, Tenacious D.

18) Favourite colour(s)?
Midnight blue, black, British Racing Green.

19) Ideal Vacationing spot?
Not too hot, not too cold. Somewhere I can chill out, with trees and nature and funky shit like that. Or really, anywhere I can get back in touch with the planet that spawned me.

20) Tell me about your travels - ever been to other countries?
France, Spain, Portugal, the Islas Canarias, Orlando, Germany for a year of working hell, and most recently University Park, Pennsylvania.

21) What are your favourite books?
Authors would be easier to list, but let's give this a shot. The Reality Dysfunction, Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, The Science of the Discworld, Smoke and Mirrors, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.

22) What are your favourite movies?
The Matrix
Fight Club
Gone in 60 Seconds
Highlander 1&3
all Monty Python films
Mars Attacks
Transformers: The Movie
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

23) Are you taking any medications?
Not for any medical reason. Caffeine pills and caffeinated beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, some of the Demon Weed, painkillers for headaches, the normal stuff for a student.

24) Are you seeing a therapist? (or should you be?)
Nope. I've suspected for over a month that I have Borderline Personality Disorder, but I've not seen anyone about it. I'd have no idea where to start.

25) If you had to classify yourself in a subculture, what would it be?
Gamer, crypto-anarcho-capitalist, outsider, geek.

BONUS Question) Tell me something about yourself that you think says a lot about you?
I'm intelligent enough to know my limits as well as my capabilities.

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