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That was the year that was

For the first time since a week into the semester, there is nothing in our kitchen that could be classified as a germ warfare agent. My last load of washing is still in the damn machine, which is taking it's bloody time. The ashtray has been cleared of everything dangerous, and believe me I needed hazmat gear to deal with it. Most of my models and such are away, as my parents take a dim view of such things.

I'm also afflicted with bad pain in my lower back, the shivers from exhaustion, a general feeling of cold, remnants of a headache from the fumes from my fire (damn busted flue), acid indigestion yet-a-fucking-gain, and a sense that this semester was a lot shorter than it should have been.

Of course, this time last year I was preparing to go home for the first time after spending maybe a day shy of 6 months in a foreign country where I didn't speak a word of the language...

Things to do tomorrow:
Dry clothes
Pack clothes
Pack laptop
Pack misc. shite
Shower, shit, shave, coffee on before parents arrive
Stow everything I'm keeping out of sight of the window
Pretend that the world is normal and not some fucked up nightmare haunting me like a bad acid trip where the monkeys just won't leave me alone.

Goodnight, world. The next post will be from home. Oh joy.

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