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Ascension thoughts

Someone on the ToJ forum put forth the hypothesis that Voormas was a hero, the Psychopomps and Avatars are evil, and that the PCs should really be helping V at the end of all that is. I'm sorry, but I call bullshit straight off.

Voormas is strange. He's a ridiculously powerful character -- Entropy 7 -- and he has lofty and insane goals -- unless there are a lot of people who want to supercede the very concept of Death. But his motivation for doing so is one of the most basic of human fears. He's scared of dying.

>>Voormas believe in the cycle of reincarnation<<

But he wants to break it. He is the Last Agent of Control, wanting to make the world "safer" by getting rid of death. He's only running on half the story, of course -- Ascension is Armageddon. Hell is Heaven, it just depends on how you look at it. Voormas has seen it and is *running scared*. He's a frightened, selfish fucker who wants to replace Death -- not to do the universe a favour, but because he is so ultimately fearful of his own. If it was just his own death, he would be more of a sympathetic character. But he wants to exert this influence over everything that is. He thinks he knows best. That's not the mark of a hero.

Voormas is a coward willing to condemn all that is to stultifying aeons because of his own fears There is no difference to him between what is good for him and what is good for reality. He seeks control, in a different form to the Technocrat Control but control nontheless. Mage is all about liberty vs control. Choose control and you get a worthless half-existance without any real achievement. Choose liberty and neglect the final lie that we must believe alike, bring humanity to Ascension.

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