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Who needs sleep?

Not me, apparently. The one hour I managed to get last night has just made today feel that much worse. That, and today has been most unproductive. No reason for me to be in the university, so I slummed off trying not to do stuff. Of course, that's when the landlady decides to pop round, meaning I couldn't sleep, or even relax, if I tried.

Needless to say, I gave up and went into town. Not the best of ideas. Autumn (Fall to all those colonials out there) has finally hit, and it's coming in cold. I'm wearing just a thin shirt and my leather jacket. That and my low blood pressure has stopped my fingers and toes from being warm all day. I feel like an icicle even with the thick sweater I'm wearing, today has been a waste,my FYP tutor still hasn't even looked at my project proposal, and there's nothing good on TV *at all*, just crap re-runs and "Stop smoking or you will die penniless and unloved" adverts. Not a combination geared to improving my mood.

Good things to happen today? Well, finally the cable is up to a meg line. That does it, tomorrow I start learning Counterstrike. And, um. That's about it. I'm cold, tired and so desperately wanting not to have to be awake tomorrow at nine in the morning.

On a completely different note, I'm going to start work on that Transformers roleplaying game I mentioned. That'll give me something to focus on. That, and vodka. Yesssss, vodka. Vodka is good...

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