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I get bored very easily

And ther's only so many times I can convert a Post-It into a Möbius strip. So I came up with this. It's roughly related to some shit. Add some of your own, a collaborative RatF as it were.

Somewhere, in a darkened server room, a pile of RUMPLED CLOTHING
stirs. This resolves into STEW.

STEW: ...whuh? Whuzzas?

STEW'S HAND gropes around for CIGARETTES and a ZIPPO LIGHTER. They
knock over an empty WINE BOTTLE. The HAND brings a CIGARETTE to STEW's

STEW: Somethting in the air.

In the recesses of the server room, a sensor trips. The alarm it plays
is the unmistakeable sound of Guns'n'Roses. The ZIPPO clings as it's

STEW: Smells like....

AXL: Welcome to the Jungle!

STEW: Piss off. I'm trying to build atmosphere.

The LIT ZIPPO lights a CIG and STEW takes a drag.

STEW: Stupidity.

On the wall above a rack of TAPE DRIVES hangs MR. HAPPY THE CROWBAR.
It flies to STEW'S outstretched hand. It's cool like that. STEW speaks
into a bright RED CELLPHONE.

STEW: Light the Bastard-signal. Summon the others. Same Bat--err, just
get it done.


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