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Home again

So I'm back at home. Cold and in pain. My back's still playing up, and now my head's started. Great.

On the other hand, this is a cheaper existance. And it is nice to see the family for a while. And not have to worry about food bills. I do have to deal with not smoking 'til I hit Edinburgh, but I can deal. Probably why I feel like shite right now. That and tiredness. An example: When my parents called me nine hours after I got into bed, I beat up my alarm clock thinking my phone was my alarm. My *radio* alarm. I'm seriously fucking tired still. Bed soon.

No Two Towers any time in the forseeable future. I hate the world. I especially hate people that are normal height. They have stupid ideas like making sinks the perfect height for people that are 5'7". This is a bane to me. My lower back is now fucked because the normal people who built or house never thought that the person washing up the festering piles of dishes would be eight inches taller and would therefore royally bugger up his lower back by trying to use the fucking sink for the reason it was fucking put there.

I'm cold, in pain, and going to bed. But I'm still feeling a lot better than last night. One night I'm going to work on a "Semester in Review". Just not tonight.

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