Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


First public entry in a while. Suppose I had better recap.

Had a suicidal breakdown last Sunday. While I've recovered from wanting to kill myself the lingering depression isn't going away any time soon. I've spent the last week recovering to this point. I may well seem hollow or forced in general conversation for the time being because I am masking the worst parts of me from the world. This is also my reason for being more surly or caustic than normal (I know, let's get all the "is that possible" jokes out of the way right now).

In general, I don't want to talk about it — especially not conversations that include phrases like "you shoudl do $foo" — though specific cases may alter that. I also don't want a load of ego-wank "Aww! I was worried!" comments. If you were worried, you'd have taken the seconds it takes to get to my userinfo and contacted me yourself in that week of hearing nothing. I do read my damn e-mail, after all.

So, there you go. That's been my week.

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