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Mad Fiction Blowout Week Redux

The total list of titles, hyperlined to each one. If you read it, comment on it. Please. If you don't, parts of my brain that I don't like make me think that the story was shit even if it's gold.

This is in order of writing. All except "The Man Who Wasn't" were written between the hours of 10:30 and midnight, TMWW was written between half midnight and 1:15, and it shows. That's the only oen I'm really unhappy with, though the prose of Take Back Sideways needs some polish.

I am now far too drunk. Go. Read. Comment. Or I will hunt you down and cut out your larynx with a rabid howler monkey.

1. I met myself today at Tescos
2. God Lay Dying
3. Little Roger Fights A Bear
4. Take Back Sideways
5. Rossum's Universal Arts-and-Crafts
6. Where the Streets Have No Name
7. The Man Who Wasn't



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