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Another Bloody Story

It appears I cannot go two days without writing something, be it a technical guide for beginners or a qabbalistic/gnostic tale of modern horror[0]. I am supposed to be taking a week off, damnit. Which is why I am not going to act on either of the story ideas in my head. I will throw them out here though.

1) Jack Carter meets the Giant Robot genre. A distraction and diversion, see if I can wrap clues about Jack's multiversal cosmology up in a story while still pleasing people who are just after the kind of fun embidies in Tokyo Storm Warning, Big O and Transformers. And do all that without ripping off TSW. Non-trivial, I think.

2) Back to the Kult-world.This time stir in some UA. Tarot-poker going on for hopes, dreams and memories of the players — or their proxies. And when one of the players is aiming to remove all memory of the truth and humanity's heritage... this one would be shared-world but standalone.

3) Vague idea: I want to do something SLA-esque. Most of all, I want to play SLA and then write about what goes on.

[0]: I didn't invent that whole cloth. My eyes alighted on an old copy of the very first English printing of Kult and my mind used that as a base.

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