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A contest

That's right, folks. One whole month of entries. I love me.

Right. With that out of the way, a contest:

I link below to all of the fiction I have on this here LiveJournal.

Each link has a few keywords along with the title (F'rex, Midnight White will get "alien cyborg sex drugs").

I want you, in a comment, to go through and vote for the three things you want to see a sequel to. Not the three you thought were best, for it could be that they were good precisely because they were one-shots. Stories featuring the end of the world will instead get a prequel. Metafiction is deliberately excluded.

Let me recap that: One comment. Three votes. No votes not in comments will be counted. Only the first three titles in each will be counted.

The List
Cigarette Dawn - 80s weird oppressive

All Available Light - thought-stream travel secret-history

Orbital - future meme-war psycho-singularity

All Tomorrows' Yesterdays - metahuman static politics

Old Shores - elemental 80's Jamaica

To Give Is Better - muse history world-shaping

Synapsis Imperfectus - future uploaded museum computer-brain

Solitaire's Journey - modern fresh-start night-train

Reality's Reflection - mirrorworld crystals safe-haven

Strange Reunions - cyborg agency world-saving

And Sometimes, We Forget - self-examination fears rationalisation

Time of Judgment - Werewolf desperateurban battle

Midnight Radio - modern ghost excorcist resolution

Bad Religion - sex drugs guns death-nuns

Never Alone - fire gang hate violence

Paragon - metahuman realism weird sex

Waiting for Thunder - 80s Thatcher stirring revolution

Carbuncle - 70's TV alien disease

I Met Myself Today at Tescos - modern normality shattered

God lay Dying - faith

Little Roger Fights a Bear - fairytale factual despair

Take Bak Sideways - future oppressive government reebllion

Rossum's Universal Arts-and-Crafts - weirdness by way of Wodehouse

Where The Streets Have No Name - qaballah gnostic modern magic

The Man Who Wasn't - conspiracy chaos dream realpolitik

One More Time - time-jump western chaos guns drugs

Strange Eden - technocratic futurist uplifting streamed ammo

Midnight White - alien cyborg sex drugs

28 stories. Even if one assumes 1500 words each, that's a lot of words
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