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Three fucking hours

Three hours sleep again. Another 5am panic attack, raging through my nervous system like badly filtered three-phase with a dodgy earth line. Of course, now 5am is light. Bright light. Brilliant fucking sunshine. Shat myself thinking I'd slept through work. These are beginning to piss me off, I must say.

Thus, I have been somewhat light-headed today. Ideas are flooding my mind based on lots of stuff, mainly some of Charlie Stross' post-singularity fiction. That stuff is going into the sequels to Strange Eden. No, this does not mean that voting is over. Voting is not over. Voting will be over at 5pm Friday. All this means is that I have ideas for Strange Eden and it will be getting sequels even if not voted for. But if it's not one of the three you vote for, then I may well forget these ideas in my mad rush to do three sequels.

Or fucking something. Where's my vodka...

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