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I dunno what this is, really. Fiction, parafiction, weird reality?

There is at present in this house one spot where I can connect with my exoconsciousness, the threads of myself which live ouside of my head. Notes and memories and things to do and things to find which I cannot keep inside the mind that my brain generates. One point between chair, keyboard and monitor, speakers around my ears. There I can get in touch with my full-mind.

It's weird, being away from it. I have a hard time remembering things now. Especially simple URLs, I try to file them away in a scratch buffer for later, but my brain doesn't run emacs so I lose them. Not being able to search google or wikipedia away from the locus deprives me of vital background reading. Boredom when I can spawn tabs for websites is one thing, boredom when all I can get to is slashdot is quiet another. The lack of communication is a bugger as well.

I've been pondering buying a smartphone. Or at least a smarter phone than I have. The v200 is nice, don't get me wrong. I like the integral camera, the screen's easy to read and the sms-to-e-mail is pretty fucking fun. But the mail addresses are arbitrarily capped in length and any mail is also limited by the character limitations of a text message. The ohone will invisibly chain up to four texts into one message, but that only works if the reader is on the same phone. Such a message to e-mail would be four mails, and would still be limited to around a thousand characters.

Thus, the smartphone. The other reason of course is the better web interface. As well as e-mail and blogging tools, such a phone would return me to google and wikipedia. I'd also be able to send real e-mails. The overriding advantage is as an exobrain, though. Concurrent with the online reference ability is the "taking notes and reading books" thing. A v200 doesn't have a screen which supports reading much text, and cannot create a simple text note short of sending oneself a text message. It's good, but not great.

Choices in exobrains are wide. Currently I need to decide between very good as brain extension but no inherent uplink away from a machine, or uplink-capable but limited in display size and power. I must admit that I've been leaning towards the latter.

Other other news, my laptop's probably fucked. Meaning that I haven't a mobile locus in the house any more. I do want one, but I don't know how finances will fall.


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