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That was one of the cooler weekends I've ever had.

Aaron, Jessica and Ryan (who is now bionickangaroo, as well as being Johnny Fucking Blaze) all rock. Seriously, I wish we could get together at many points in the future and drink and all that kind of stuff.

As it is, the only high point I can relate before getting my photos off my phone is the time we lost Ryan.

Basic thing: We had been in a place called the Krazy House, a rock type affair. Which was shit, because it was a Friday and so all the kiddies were in there, but Ryan and Aaron were in there getting very drunk on Rolling Rock (blech, give me Red Bull after a day at work anyday) and laughing at said kiddies. And so we left, around 3am when we had nothing left to drink. We go hunting for chips. To set the scene: We are coming to the end of one road, which ends as another road comes across, the middle bar of a T-junction. Maybe 20 yards to the end of the road. There are drunk people all around. One of these, a typical Liverpool slapper (Translation for Americans: drunk ugly girl out only to find a bloke) bumps into Ryan. They start talking.

We get to the end of the road and the two are staring into each other's eyes, he doesn't listen when we point out that no, we are not crossing the fucking road. So there we are, outside a chip shop, looking across to the bus stop over the street. We figure he's just going to see her to her bus.

[Aaron then me, alternating. Paraphrased, because my memory is overloading.]

"He's not going to get on the bus, it'll be fine."
"Dude, he's getting on the bus."
"He's not going to really pay, though."
"He's paying."
"He won't sit down."
"He's sat down. Fuck, he's staring into her eyes."
"Christ, he must be drunk. Dude, the bus is pulling away, we should go chase after it."
"Nah, I want chips."

Only later in the chippy do we utter the words which will have us doubled over with laughter for the rest of the night: "Dude, we lost Ryan."

This was at 3am. Come 6 in the morning, there's a knocking on the flat door and we find a very, very drunk Ryan leaning against it.

[Ryan, Aaron, me]

"I'm sorry, man."
"That's okay."
"Dude. We found Ryan. He was leaning on your door."

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