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I've been trying to get some of the stuff which caused Friday's explosion of consciousness down out of my brain. I've not managed it yet. Every time I try I fall over based on the writing style or not having the right tone. I know my ideas, says my hindbrain, and nobody else is going to see them, nobody who matters is going to read them and take them seriously. So I'm going to make you worry about the small things until you realise there's no point again..

I hate my hindbrain.

I must admit to being calmer that Friday night. The mad dynamo generating ideas has calmed down. Instead, the ideas generated are gathering form, gaining a certain certainty with how things should be. Of course, this is going to make communicating with DRM-apologists even harder, but quite frankly: Fuck'em. They're not worth getting into debates with. They're the buggy-whip manufacturers trying to tax petrol, trying to adapt their old and clunky model to a situation which is busy shifting paradigms without a clutch.

The only question that remains to be seen is how long until I'm on the losing side...

In the meantime, I've added notification of a Creative Commons license to my userinfo. Since my Friends page doesn't show it, I figured I'd mention it's there. It looks rather like this:

Creative Commons License

All fiction on this journal is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

This applies to all fiction I put up here, and applies retroactively. it's a given for most stuff, but what the hell, it can't help to be explicit about things.

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