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Another Game

You may remember a long while back I converted Trinity to make it a White Wolf/Transformers kind of thing. Well, I've done the same. Trinity, converted to Deus Ex (not I-war, because I-war sucks). Replete with slightly updated setting, weapon and aug conversions.

Feel my pain.

The year is 2020. After the defeat of George W. Bush in 2004, President Kerry met with a closed session of the UN Security Council, ostensibly about reintegrating America with the rest of the world. That was only a cover story. Kerry's main objective was to get the US involved with the formation of two secret UN groups.

In 2008, the United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team was established. Given headquarters in the major cities of the world, members made use of cutting-edge cybernetics and biological augmentation to deal with what the UN deemed "crisis situations". Working alongside it in the shadows was the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition, a covert force of "black ops" spies assigned to infiltrate rogue governments and shut them down from within.

In 2015, the top half of the Statue of Liberty was destroyed as the UNSCIT attempted to disarm a group of militant suicide bombers from the Christian Coalition. Ten agents lost their lives, and President Kerry came under fire for not giving the two UN groups his support.

In light of the attack, both teams were reorganised and their mandate reassigned. The UNSCIT became a pro-active military force working for the UN shadow government. Their base of operations is unknown, but conspiracy nuts believe their transports are capable of achieving Earth orbit in a matter of hours.

UNATCO was given Liberty Island to use as a staging ground. Brought into the public eye, it operates now in the same way as America's CIA in the mid-1990s -- surveillance of rogue nation, covert operations and occasional retaliatory strikes in built-up areas or other places where UNSCIT teams would be too obvious.

It's a dangerous world. Human-nanotech augmentation was proven feasible three years ago with the deployment of the first nano-enhancile, or nanorg. Without the obvious cybernetics of other UNATCO field agents, more nanorgs are being put into deep-cover missions. Cyborgs in the ranks are finding themselves moved to the less media-friendly operations, pending a possible retirement to the UNSCIT .

This is not a nice world. The UN have to excercise more control to keep militant non-government organizations in check. The PRA -- an offshoot of the IRA operating internationally and paying only lip service to Irish nationalism -- aims for the cities of Commonwealth countries. The Architects research proscribed technologies from designer narcotics to nanotechnological deconstructors capable of turning a city into so much grey goo. The Christian Coalition is an active right-wing terrorist organisation operating inside the US and Canada, whereas Europe has to deal with hard-line anarchists such as Kaos -- cognitive terroristformed from the extreme left of many European nations.

Proscribed technology thrives in the underground markets of Xianggang and Tokyo, robotics experts develop their technologies in underground African labs thanks to the cheap labour and resources, and nanotech research continues unchecked in many parts of the world.

And then there's the NSF. A group that alternately tries to usher in a new Dark Age or destabilise the world government, not tied to any one geographic region. They sport military-grade weapons and equipment, and have a widespread following that is impossible to predict.

Character Creation
Take a Trinity character sheet. Under "Intelligence", replace "Bureaucracy" with "Computer". Under "Wits", replace "Meditation" with "Drive". Under Dexterity, replace "Drive" with "Gunnery".

Chose Name, Series and Nature as normal. Origin indicates where you were recruited from, and carries a package of 6 Abilities. Mark which these are as they have cost breaks later. Allegiance is UNATCO. Replace "Aptitude" with "Augmentation", which can be either "None", "Cyborg" or "Nanorg". Un-augmented characters should mark one extra Allegiance ability of their choice.

Assign 15 Attribute points. No more than two Attributes may be rated 1 at the end of character creation. Cyborgs cannot have more than 3 in Appearance. Assign 10 points among the ability group given for your Origin. Assign 13 points to other Abilities, or 16 for un-augmented characters. No ability can be over 3 at this stage. Assign 7 Background points on Backgrounds (10 for un-augmented characters) -- Allies, Cipher (lack of records, Arcane for electronic trails), Clearance (access to hidden/restricted data), Contacts, Devices, Identity (fake civilian ID), Resources, Status. Base Willpower is 4. Cyborgs pick 4 points of Augmentations, Nanorgs pick 3. Spend 15 Freebie points (Att/Abil/Back/Wil/Aug: 5/2/1/2/4).

Where the sheet says "Psi", "Aptitude" and "Auxilliary Modes", ignore it.

Well done. You have a character.

Character Detail
Augmentation Type

Cyborgs: Traditional cybernetic enhancile. Obvious cybernetics limit hard-core cyborgs from undercover operations due to obvious changes to appearance. Cyborgs do get a larger number of possible enhancements, but pay for them with penalties to Stealth rolls -- 4 free Augmentations, 12 slots. 1 free Clearence background. Limited to Max. 3 Appearance.

Nanorgs: Humans enhanced with nanotech. Appear to be normal humans save for eye alterations often hidden behind mirrorshades. Less potential for enhancement but still appear human, however EMP weaponary is more dangerous than to cyborgs or normal humans -- 3 free Augmentations, 9 slots.

Unaugmented: "Normal" humans. Trained to a very high level to compete with augmented humans, and often given the best equipment and information. Often play support roles but field operations are not unknown -- 3 extra Abilities, one free Origin ability, 3 extra Backgrounds. Cannot take Augmentations.

Each Origin offers a group of specialist Abilities, as well as an idea of what branch of UNATCO the character was involved with before being called up as a field agent. These are left intentionally broad to accomodate the majority of characters.

Medical: Even medical staff at Liberty Island can fight, some can fight better than others. Often trained as field medics, bedisde manner and experience treating psychological dysfunction can make for excellent infiiltrators. Ability Group: Awareness, Etiquette, Medicine, Rapport, Science, Subterfuge

Communications: Comms staff interpret results from the Echelon communications expert system as well as retrieving data first-hand and guiding field teams. Often included on missions to deafeat electronic security as well as for computer intrusion. Ability Group: Command, Computer, Intrusion, Investigation, Legerdemain, Stealth

Transport: Using everything from small submersibles to the infamous black helicopters, transport agents know how to handle vehicles, and often all kinds of heavy machinery. They are often also trained with heavy and vehicle mounted weapons. Ability Group: Drive, Engineering, Gunnery, Pilot, Savvy, Survival

Security: Green-jacketed troops known for enforcing the peace. The most visible of UNATCO agents in crisis zones, Security forces are trained as military troops with an additional grounding in law and peace-keeping. Ability Group: Academics (Law), Brawl, Firearms, Interrogation, Intimidation, Melee

Infiltrator: Planted agents left undercover in subversive organisations for a period of time before being activated. Almost 20% resist re-activation. Trained to sow confusion and kill solitary targets, often fail against large groups. Ability Group: Athletics, Linguistics, Martial Arts, Resistance, Style, Subterfuge

Rules Changes
Initiative is rolled as normal, actions declared and so on as normal. Attacker rolls to hit but needs more successes than defender's Defense (Dex + Wits / 2) in place of any dodge. Each success over the initial needed becomes an extra point of damage. A character who foregoes any other action may dodge, (if feasible) adding her Athletics to her Defense against all attacks.

Deduct Soak (non-rolled) from damage dice and roll as normal (optionally, take half of the damage dice pool as automatic damage). Characters get base Bashing soak equal to Stamina and Lethal equal to half Stamina.

Movement and Stealth
Characters can crawl 3m/turn, walk 7m/turn and run and sprint as detailed in the Trinity core book. Stealth rolls suffer Difficulty penalties for each speed "grade": crawl +0, walk +1, run +2, sprint +4. Augmentation can mitigate these penalties.

Cyborg characters suffer +1 Difficulty to Stealth rolls for every full 4 Augmentation slots they have filled. This is part due to the sound of the augs, and part due to how each aug is a visible sign of inhumanity that makes people more aware of the cyborg. Some Augmentations do not count towards this limit (so if a cyborg has 8 Aug slots filled but two do not impose Stealth penalties he suffers +1 Difficulty until he gets another 2 Augs).

Some weapons are easier to use from concealment than others. All weapons have a Flash rating. When firing a weapon from concealment, anyone nearby can make an Awareness roll vs. the firer's Stealth with a number of bonus dice equal to the Flash rating of the weapon to determine where the shot came from. A weapon with Flash 0 does not give this roll. Using Sa ranged maneuver adds 1 to the Flash. Weapons with a Flash of 6, or the AF, SP or ST maneuvers result in automatic detection.

Weapon List
Contains standard issue weapons as well as common items usable as weapons in a pinch.

Melee Weapons
Crowbar: Damage Str+3B Flash 2 Maneuver D P W Tw Conc J Mass 1 Cost 1
Combat Knife: Damage Str+2L Flash 1 Maneuver D P W Tw Conc J Mass 0.5 Cost 1
Baton/Club: Damage Str+4B Flash 1 Maneuver D P W Tw Conc J (P club) Mass 1 Cost 1
Riot Prod: Damage 7B (ignores armor) Flash 1 (0 from behind) Maneuver W Conc P Mass 1.5 Clip 4 Cost 2
Sword: Damage Str+3L Flash 1 Maneuver D P W Conc O Mass 2 Cost 2
Non-Eutactic Sword: Damage Str+8L (halve armour) Flash 1 Maneuver D W Conc J Mass 2 Cost 4

-Riot prods are a special kind of contact taser designed to collapse to pocket size upon use. A common defensive weapon, maximum effectiveness is when applied near the spine.
-The non-eutactic sword uses a polarised field to apply maximum damage throughout the slashed area while never having a solid blade. Armour only offers half normal protection. It takes one round to power up, or down, and when powered-down is just a hilt.

Projectile Weapons
A range of projectile weapons. Items in italics are additional firing modes to the weapon directly above.

PS20: Acc 0 Damage 7L Flash 3 Maneuver Conc P Range 180 ROF 1 Clip 1 Mass 0.5 Cost 3
Pepper Gun: Acc 0 Damage 0B (Ignores armour, opponent hit misses next action) Flash 1 Maneuver Conc P Range 20 ROF 1 Clip 5 Mass 0.5 Cost 2
10mm Pistol: Acc 0 Damage 5L Flash 3 Maneuver Ms Sa Tw Conc J Range 50 ROF 2 Clip 20 Mass 1 Cost 2
Stealth Pistol: Acc +2 Damage 5L Flash 1 Maneuver Ms Tw Conc J Range 50 ROF 2 Clip 20 Mass 1 Cost 3
Wrist-Bow: Acc +2 Damage Varies Flash 0 Maneuver Ms Conc P Range 20 ROF 1 Clip 5 Mass 1.5 Cost 3
Assault Rifle: Acc 0 Damage 7L Flash 3 Maneuver Af Ms Sa St Conc O Range 300 ROF 45 Clip 50 Mass 4 Cost 3
Grenade: Acc 0 Damage 10L Flash 4 Maneuver Range 50 ROF 1 Clip 4
Sawn-off Shotgun: Acc +5 Damage 6L Flash 4 Maneuver Ms Tw Conc J Range 20 ROF 2 Clip 2 Mass 2.5 Cost 2
Combat Shotgun: Acc +5 Damage 7L Flash 4 Maneuver Ms Sa Conc O Range 40 ROF 10 Clip 20 Mass 3 Cost 3
Sniper Rifle: Acc +3 Damage 8L Flash 1 Maneuver Ms Conc O Range 500 ROF 2 Clip 6 Mass 2 Cost 4

-The PS20 was designed as a one-shot throwaway plasma pistol. It packs quite a punch but cannot be reloaded
-Stealth pistols are a unique pistol design incorporating additional sights, silencers and flash suppressors.
-Wrist-bows are silent, concealable weapons. Normal darts do 6L damage, poison darts deal 4L damage from initial strike, plus 2B (unsoakable) for the next three turns, flare darts deal 8L damage but increase Flash to 2.
-Shotguns do not get additional damage dice for extra attack successes. Sabot rounds can mitigate this penalty, but reduce Accuracy to 0
-Sniper rifles fold down to be concealable under an overcoat, but require one turn to set up.

Heavy Weapons
These weapons are used with the Gunnery skill, and may be vehicle mounted. A minimum Might of 5 is required to aim these properly, every point below adds +1 Difficulty. All these weapons are restricted and thus impossible to buy on the open market. Maneuver Ex indicates weapon is explosive and deals damage to everyone within a 10-yard radius of impact.

Flamethrower: Acc +3 Damage 4L Flash 6 Maneuver Conc N/A Range 30 ROF 1 Clip 8 Mass 4 Cost 4
Light Anti-Tank Weapon: Acc 0 Damage 8[5]L Flash 6 Maneuver Ex Conc N/A Range 500 ROF 1 Clip 1 Mass 8 Cost 5
Guided Explosive Projectile: Acc 0 (+2) Damage 7[3]L Flash 6 Maneuver Ex Conc N/A Range 400 ROF 1 Clip 8 Mass 10 Cost 5
Plasma Rifle: Acc 0 Damage 10L Flash 6 Maneuver Ms Conc N/A Range 300 ROF 2 Clip 12 Mass 6 Cost 5

-Flamethrower damage is rolled each turn until the target is extinguished.
-LAWs are one-shot weapons and cannot be reloaded.
-GEP guns gain +2 Accuracy in addition to aiming bonuses if aimed for at least a turn. White Phosphor rockets instead deal 4L flamethrower damage to everything within ten yards of impact.

Thrown Weapons
Thrown weapons have a Range of five times a character's Might skill total and use Athletics to hit. Alternatively, they can be mounted on walls and will detonate one turn after anyone gets within five feet. Engineering at +1 difficulty will disarm them.

Lightweight Attack Munition: Damage 8L Flash 1 Maneuver Ex Mass 1 Conc P
Electromagnetic Pulse: Damage 6L Flash 0 Maneuver Ex Mass 1 Conc P
Gas Grenade: Damage 6B (ignores armour) Flash 1 Maneuver Ex Mass 1 Conc P

-EMP grenades only damage robots, cyborgs and nanorgs. Cyborgs apply their Hardening as normal. Cyborgs and Nanorgs lose Power rather than Health Levels. Electronic equipment may be damaged if the rolled damage is greater than it's Hardening.

Augmentation descriptions that I haven't invented (those I have are marked with a *) have nothing to do with me. They are taken straight from the game and copyrights belong to Ion Storm. All descriptions are for Nanorg characters, but the augs apply equally well to Cyborgs.

Slots and Levels
Each augmented character has a number of slots available for augs. These are taken up on a one-for-one basis. Each aug also has four levels of effectiveness, which can be increased seperately. Upgrading an Aug costs the same as instaling a new one in a slot, a flat rate of 6xp. Newly installed augs always start at level 1. Starting characters may choose to swap one starting Aug for a second level of one they have already chosen.

Hardening and Power
Cyborgs and Nanorgs each start with 20 Power. Activating an Aug costs a variable amount of power as defined in it's listing. EMP weapons and areas of strong electromagnetic radiation may damage augmented characters. Any time they come under attack by E-M effects, they lose Power as if the effect had damaged them. Cyborgs (not Nanorgs) have a built-in 4-point E-M hardening, which acts as soak against E-M attacks.

Augmentations are rated by the power they consume. This is denoted by Power/time. Activating the Aug costs the noted Power, and that has to be paid again at the end of the time in order for the aug to keep running. power can be regenerated at various points, all augmented agents are given a converter that lets them recharge 20 points of power in about 4 hours from a standard wall socket. UNATCO may issue Bioelectric cells, which give an instant recharge of 5 Power, but are useless once spent.

In addition to the maximum number of slots, there are only so many places augs can be fitted. Each aug is listed for a specific area, if the character has no free "slots" in that area she cannot take the aug.

Arms: 2
Legs: 2
Torso: 3
Dermal Layer: 2
Eye: 1
Cranial: 2

All augmented characters have in-built communicators and "brighteyes" light enhancements (1/1 min) for free. These do not take up any slots.

Speed Boost
"Ionic polymeric gel myofibrils are woven into the leg muscles, increasing the speed at which an agent can run and climb, the height they can jump, and reducing the damage they receive from falls."
Area: Leg
Power: (4/min)
Effect: Add 1/2 level to crawl, level to walk, 2xlevel to run and 4x level to sprint speeds. Deduct level from distance fallen when calculating falling damage.

Run Silent
"The necessary muscle movements for complete silence when walking or running are determined continuously with reactive kinematics equations produced by embedded nanocomputers."
Area: Leg
Power: (4/min)
Effect: Subtract level from Stealth Difficulty penalties for moving. Yes, this does mean at level 4 you can sprint as quietly as you can crawl.

Computer Link
*"Mylomar-enhanced muscle fibre frees up space for a small but functional hardware computer interface which can interpret any electrical hardware through the nervous system and feed it directly to the brain."
Area: Leg
Power: (5-level/interface)
Effect: Character can interface with any computer system with or without a monitor, keyboard and so on. Interfacing in this way halves the time for all computer-related tasks.

Microfibral Muscle
"Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects."
Area: Arm
Power: (2/min)
Effect: Add level to all Might rolls for listing/carrying.

Combat Strength
"Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic reticulum, increasing an agent's muscle speed several-fold and multiplying the damage they inflict in melee combat."
Area: Arm
Power: (1/turn)
Effect: Add level to all Strength-based damage rolls.

Acid Aerosol
*"Ionic polymer bone reinforcement combined with nano-factories breaking down excess calcium allows the agent to expel an acidic aerosol from their wrist."
Area: Arm
Power: (1/turn)
Effect: All bare-handed attacks deal extra Lethal damage equal to the level of this aug, soaked seperately

Environmental Resistance
"Induced keratin production strengthens all epithelial tissues and reduces the agent's vulnerability to radiation and other toxins."
Area: Torso
Power: (2/min)
Effect: Extend the time between taking damage from environmental sources (radiation, temperature extremes) by one turn per level.

Energy Shield
"Polyanilene conductors below the skin absorb heat and electricity, reducing the damage received from flame, electrical and plasma attacks."
Area: Torso
Power: (4/min)
Effect: Reduce all rolled damage from flame, electricity and plasma attacks (including White Phosphor GEP rounds) by the level of this Aug.

"Soda lime exostructures embedded in the alveoli of the lungs convert CO2 to O2, extending the time an agent can stay underwater."
Area: Torso
Power: (1/min)
Effect: Add the levels in this Aug to your character's Endurance total when rolling to see if she can hold her breath.

"Programmable polymerase automatically directs construction of proteins in injured cells, restoring an agent to full health over time."
Area: Torso
Power: (1/turn)
Effect: Heal 1 Bashing or 1/2 Lethal per level in 2 turns. This aug does not affect Cyborg Stealth

Synthetic Heart
"The synthetic heart circulates not only bloody but a steady concentration of mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes and liposomes containing prefab diamondoid machine parts, resulting in upgrades performance for all installed augmentations."
Area: Torso
Power: (10/mins)
Effect: When activated, any augs activated afterwards are effectively one level higher. This aug cannot be upgraded and does not affect Cyborg Stealth.

Power Recirculator
"Power consumption for all augmentations is reduced by polyanilene circuits, plugged directly into cell membranes, that allow nanite particles to interconnect electronically without leaving their host cells."
Area: Torso
Power: (1/2 mins)
Effect: Total up the power used each minute. This aug reduces that by it's level ("giving back" it's level in Power at the end of each minute), to a minimum expenditure of 2/minute + this Aug.

"Subdermal pigmentation cells allow the agent to blend with their surrounding environment, rendering them effectively invisible to observation by organic hostiles."
Area: Dermal
Power: (1/level # of turns)
Effect: Invisibility on the visible spectrum. +4 Stealth; if used along with Run Silent electronic sensors are required to break Stealth if movement pemalty is 0.

Radar Transparency
"Radar-absorbant resin augments epithelial; microprojection units distort agent's visual signature. Provides highly effective concealment from automated detection systems -- bots, cameras, turrets, eye Augs."
Area: Dermal
Power: (1/level # of turns)
Effect: Invisible to machines. Electronic sensors don't even get a roll to see you.

Ballistic Protection
"Monomolecular plates reinforce the skin's epithelial membrane, reducing the damage an agent receives from projectiles and bladed weapons."
Area: Dermal
Power: (6/1 mins)
Effect: Adds level to Bashing and Lethal soak against impact damage.

EMP shield
"Nanoscale EMP generators partially protect individual nanites and reduce bioelectrical drain by cancelling incoming pulses."
Area: Dermal
Power: (1/1 mins)
Effect: Adds level to EMP hardening.

Vision Enhancement
"By bleaching selected rod photoreceptors and saturating them with metarhodopsin XII, the 'nightvision' present in most nocturnal animals can be duplicated. Subsequent upgrades and modifications add infravision and sonar resonance imaging that effectively allows an agent to see through walls."
Area: Eye
Power: 4/Minute
Effect: Level 1 cancels Awareness modifiers for night. 2 adds I/R vision, 3 gives sonar imaging through walls out to 15 feet, 4 gives sonar imaging out to 30 feet.

"Image-scaling and recognition provided by mulitplexing the optic nerve with doped polyacetylene 'quantum wires' not only increasing accuracy, but also delivers limited situational info about a target."
Area: Eye
Power: 4/Minute
Effect: Add Level to Firearms total when aiming. Information about target including general health and weapons/armour available at level 3.

Agressive Defense
"Aerosol nanoparticles are released upon the detection of objects fitting the electromagnetic threat profile of missiles and grenades; these nanoparticles will prematurely detonate such objects prior to reaching the agent."
Area: Cranial
Power: (1/1 min)
Effect: Detonates incoming grenades and rockets up to (level * 10) yards away.

Spy Drone
"Advanced nanofactories can assemble a spy drone on demand which can then be remotely controlled by the agent until released or destroyed, at which point a new drone will be assembled. Further upgrades equip the spy drone with better armour and a one-shot EMP attack."
Area: Cranial
Power: (15/min)
Effect: Generate a spy drone which can be remotely piloted. The Drone has 3 Helath Levels and soak equal to twice the level of this Aug. The built-in EMP weapon deals (Level * 2) dice of EMP damage.

Skull Gun
*"Myopolymer reinforced bone lattices reinforce the skull as micromagnetic induction coils accelerate a small bone sphere through one of the pores in the agent's forehead"
Area: Cranial
Power: (3/shot)
Effect: The skull gun is an Accuracy 0 firearms weapon aimed with a cross-matched Perception + Firearms roll. A successful hit deals twice the Aug's level in Lethal damage.

Recovery System
*"Nanoscale rod-logic computers catch as much of the agent's brain engrams as possible, monitorins thema s they change. At the moment of death these engrams are saved to carbon wafer at the base of the skull, which can be transferred to a new body."
Area: Cranial
Power: (5/use)
Effect: The player must be able to spend the Power at the moment of death. At level 1 and 2, the character's highest Mental attribute drops by one point, and the character loses (5 - level) dots of mental Abilities every time she makes use of this system.
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