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I need food

Yet if I go get any, I'll be bitched at because the ham was for the sandwiches, the eggs were for Sunday dinner, there's only enough bread for what it gets used for, not for snacking. There's no food for snacking here. At. Fucking. All. I would happily commit assault and battery for an Asda microwave curry. I would kill people with a smile on my face for a couple of Chicago Town microwave pizzas. But I will get none, because my parents believe that any snacking over a packet of crisps is somehow Wrong as is interferes with the weekly shop. I could so easily kill someone because of that right now.

There. Food has been acquired from my stash of instant noodles, and damn the consequences.

Now, how was Hogmanay? It's mostly a somewhat jumbled account of drinking in the Pear Tree in Edinburgh, where there was much in the way of paper Euclidean solids, fire, torches, inhaled helium, balloons on people's hands (I freaked out a guy in the bogs just by going for a piss with one on), broken AOL CD's, laser pointers, diffraction gratings made with a Leatherman and readily-accessible pub materials, and other insane geek stuff of that sort. Then, out for a haggis supper (mmmm, haggis) and then on to the Hollyrood.

I will state at this point that this is one of the few pubs I really, really don't like. It's Goth-friendly, so that means all the really freaky dickheads are in there, it's too hot, it's crowded and the beer is utter piss. To say I would rather have been on an asymptote relative to this place is an understatement. Fortunately, that was only one drink, then back for music, drinking and getting stoned at Tef's. The highlight of this, along with lots of alcohol, was the attachment of a joint to one of the intakes of a gas mask by way of a camera film container and lots of sticky tape. I didn't partake, but those that did reported it a very interesting experience. We headed out to the Royal Mile to watch the fireworks and be utterly crushed, pondered the merits of doing the countdown in binary, saw the really impressive fireworks and headed back for more revelry.

Heading back, we detoured to the Meadows, and shouted "Happy New Year" to all and sundry in a tone of voice that sounded rather more like a threat than anything else. We also shouted it very loudly into the mobile phones of random passers-by and one time into a chippie. We drank some more and retired early as Paul had work in the morning. We ended up crashing at some time so late it was early, with the final score being me: 3, Paul: 1. Songs got through: The Elements Song, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, The Galaxy Song, Drink to the Boys of the Royal Navy, The German Officers and probably a couple more. I was rather drunk by association, you see.

But now I'm home and bored. Damnit.

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