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The Filth

So, in lieu of anyone commenting on the first sequel (well, except Survivor and Jules — they're excused), I've been thinking. Deep thoughts. Not only about how the story is going to need at least two more parts, but about fucking with people's perceptions.

I also got a bad case of inverse future shock last night. Ranting about flying cars and household robots and AI computers and jetpacks. I can't remember why, but I can remember doing so.

Town today. Brainstorming with daedalus668 about the setting for the Deus Ex thing, how to do cyberpunk-ish noir conspiracy right, that sort of thing. Also picked up more Grant Morrison, both the last of his JLA run and The Filth. I fully believe that eyebeams is right, Grant is the best Mage fiction writer even if he's never seen the game. The reissues of Doom Patrol call to my wallet with their closeness. I still have some way to go before I can possibly get to his level, a way that may only be precipitated by use of hallucinogenic drugs. Which would be interesting.

Speaking of which, the more ideas I have for the Strange $FOO series, the more I realise it's turning into something I can flow with, a cross between Neal Stephenson, Charlie Stross, Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison. It remains to be seen whether it's actually any good when I finish it.


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Jun. 20th, 2004 03:57 am (UTC)
I'd definitely be interested in where the FutureM:TA story is going. Mage fiction in general, be it crappy fanfic, great fanfic (in this case), or White Wolf typo-full fiction is always good stuff.

You could really trip things out and throw a Glass Walker in there... I don't know if that would further the story, but I'm a Werewolf player first and foremost, so my gut reaction is always, "Add a Garou!" Works ok with forums and fiction, bad with schoolwork and parties and stuff.... hmm...

PS: Something of interest... not sure if you're a fan of Moby, but you do like the blogs, and the political stuff, and he happens to have an online journal on his webpage that's dealt with some intersting stuff lately. Might be worth checking out... www.moby.com

PSS: I've seen this article pop up a lot lately, and it seemed right up your alley... something tells me you've already heard of this guy, but if not, then it might be worth checking out as well. The actual website for the research group, Eyetap, is here.

t0tem/ survivor
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