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God these are good.

Imagine...imagine a production line.

And all down the line is saran wrap or shrink-wrap or whateverthefuck. And you, me, everyone... we're just this spark. This little thing, this knit of ideas and beauty and love... and we don't need to know about the world. Then we get processed. Layer upon layer... until they build up and there's more wrap than spark, more and more and more of it, building into a person made of saran wrap...and that person looks at his arms and his legs and he thinks... he thinks..."this is what I am". And he's so fucked that he can't see the spark. People like artists, who go straight to the emotional core of the overmind and break through that to trigger the spark... they're peeling back the wrap and bringing the spark out of the shell we call human, reminding us that... this is all a game we play. It's a game. And the worst thing we can do is think that the game is real.

it's the world. All the bullshit, all the lies and archetypes and shells that the Overmind pressures on us... it's all nothing. It's smoke but we think we're made of smoke and we miss what we are made of...

I want to hunt the Overmind down and fuck it up

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