Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Cnspiracy and Royalists

In response to Silverfeet's question:

You're right. It's a conspiracy. Queen and country. Kingancunry. Chips and curry. Propagation of the monarchy means propagaiting a cultural virus. A social movement carried by the bacterial strain of royal blood. Meme-virus inside a bio-virus or vice-versa? Doesn't matter. Keep the royal line going. get people;s thoughts on the Queen and King and future Kings. Once and future King. Need a princess again, need her to bear a moon-calf into the royal blood. Di killed herself rather than propagate. But the planets are aligned in the sigil Cataphus, Black Sword of the Oppressor in the language of Ancient Mu. The ghosts of kings and queens past need a princess to grant unto a miraculous pregnancy. Arthur -- saviour or oppressor? King of Britain but does Britain want or need a king?

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