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Well, since nobody is online (and those that are online are just plain ignoring me, thanks guys), I've decided to get on with some work. Fortunately, a few physics search engines have given me everything I need to complete my mathematical modelling assignment. Mmmm. I've missed being able to get to grips with some nice physics for a while.

Unfortunately, the research for the Chaos Game essay is taking longer. Damn sites never explain the underlying mathematics, just saying "This can be used to create what mathematicians call a fractal". "Thanks, but I know what the Sierpienski Gasket is, I know what it looks like, I am a bloody mathematician and I know what the mathematics behind the Gasket is. Now how does the Chaos Game map on to that mathematics?" "Umm."

Bah. Still...

Modeling Assignment: Needs writing up, some test data, and some real world data. I also need to change a lot of wording, but the back has been broken thanks to 20 minutes with Google.

FYP is still where it was, and I have my end of semester interview on the 14th. This is bad.

Chaos essay is going slower, and has the earlier deadline. Arse.

Damn, but I need Orpheus to do any real work. I can't think straight when I'm in this poky little room without any books and having to rebuild all my useful mathematical and physics-related bookmarks. Grr.

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