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Dry Heat

I'm not really hot[0], but I sure as hell feel like it. Back's playing up again, and it is painful. As it always is, really. Hopefully it won't remove my ability to walk this time.

The reason for the heat, as well as the load of typos and my fuzzy brain, is these painkillers the local doctor gave. They're active narcotics, one step down from being a controlled substance. I'm on them thanks to the small chance of me dying were I to have strong ibuprofen. And as well as making me fatigued like a motherfucker, my blood pressure has dropped through the floor. The room's warm and my fingers and toes are icy cold. Based on them, the rest of me is boiling hot, but a dry heat that I don't experience anywhere else, none of the psycho sweating fits that accompany most days in the oven of an office...

I stop now.

[0]: Temperature-wise. Comments about my physical attractiveness, though appreciated, are not entirely on the thread.

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