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TTLG is up. This makes me happy, as for the first time in over three years I'm interested anew in something to do with System Shock and they're just the band of rabid psychotics to help me out. A System Shock 1/2 hybrid RPG. All guns, all psi powers, all equipment converted, plus new shit. This is going to be fun, especially if I can find someone to keep me on track and stop my mind wandering to my Trinity Gundam project. Or the RPG I have mailed MFP and Pajh about. I get creative when I'm alone.

Other, bigger, news is that I went to the dentist today. It was not as bad as triplee's was, but even so it was still not nice. No anaesthetic, as it was face out and around the gum line. In with the drill to get rid of the weak area (weaker than chalk). It didn't hurt much, it just gave me a sense of severe wrongness, like hearing nails being scratched down a blackboard but inside your teeth. Then some rather uncomfortable polishing, and a clear filler. Which felt like super glue. Rode a ways up my gum and stuck my tooth (right hand upper canine, for those that care) to the one behind it, but some food and a good brushing of my teeth later, all there is is a thin film I can feel on the outside of my tooth and no more cavity.

The sound of that drill is going to freak me out for a while, though. First time that's ever been needed, and hopefully the last.

Other shit... I wish my brother hadn't taken the day off work (for reference in the following, he's only 18 months younger than me). He's been itching for an argument all day, whenever I say something getting in my face about it and then when I refute that calmly going off on a benny about me "always needing to argue". Fucktard. He said something about the Bowling for Soup video that's played on KTV over here being technically better than the video for Californication. I could have punched his little head in for that one... I'm not comparing songs, but videos. Though if any of you nu-metal fancying wankers want to tell me that some tripe is better than the Peppers, you can piss right off. You and me, switchblades in the car park, five minutes. I'll cut you to ribbons, you pansies!

Anyhow. Back on track. He claimed "It's punk, you wouldn't understand it." Excuse me? The fucking Ramones were punk. Fuck, the Sex Pistols were more punk than that shite. These are some whining sixteen year old white Americans bitching about how they can't get any girls because they have no social skills and act like fools. That's not punk, it's pathetic. So according to him, I'm "living in the past".

If I get the better music, I really couldn't give a fuck.

Oh, and speaking of videos, I was expecting way more from the video to "By The Way" than was delivered. There's some nice energy to it, paced with sections that have lyrics and tone which echo with longing and loss and a faint, forlorn hope, a new form of Ocean Colour Scene's "Forty Past Midnight" (which brings up weird memories of an ex that never was sort of thing. Yes Paul, her.). There was a lot more that could be done than a crazy taxi ride. It being shown right after Californication made me wonder where the innovation has gone, in a way. But even so, it's still an amazing track.

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