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The Day Today

From the depths of weirdness Saturday night (and I wish I were back there...), to mundane, hectic today. Oi vey.

Nothing yesterday. All that went on was rather boring depression stuff. The kind of thing I LJ only for sake of posterity when I'm in a less-depressing situation. So none of that.[0]

Today, today, today. Stuff. Dad's birthday. Didn't do stuff for it, or didn't plan on said. Work, home, check mail (spam, as normal), freak out figg[1]. Pour vodka (early, but what the hell). This was at half six. I am finally, at half ten, getting to drink that vodka.

Food was an hour late. Dad had forgotten that Mum was working late. I came downstairs after pouring vodka aiming to say "You do what you fancy, I'm off for a curry", to be informed we were getting Chinese. Fair enough, not my dime. Dad's looking depressed. If I didn't know better I'd think he was going through the kind of thing I was on mine. Finished eating, went to fix grandparent's computer, returned (it's now half nine), and a neighbor had brought across my new phone, so I spent an hour sat with family watching TV and fixing that up and doing shite and genearlly being hyper social guy.

Which is odd. in a way. I would psychoanalyse, but in addition to squeeing over phone and being worn out and enjoying finally getting to drink my fucking vodka, life is good.

[0]: My ulterior motive, of course, is that if I had posted it then I would have got all the comments to that and fewer of you Americans celebrating "We lost Canada" day would have commented on the story. Though it appears that plan didn't work.
[1]: His latest entry at that point: "Wireless is goo". I had just finished cleaning my spam filter, thus my interpretation was somewhat different to his meaning. I shall let the chat log say all:

tef: My machine is now doing wireless.
tef: and we have zim on the tv.
tef: life is goo.
Me: Damnit, that's even more fun than wifi semen!

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