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Damn Computers

Redmond. Always, my troubles come back to Redmond.

I mentioned a short while back that I really needed to upgrade the Windoze version on this machine. My 98 has been running without major error — and churning through some hardcore shit, including large mathematica books and some abortive attempts at 3D design — for three and a quarter years. I know, I didn't think it was possible to have 98 going for more than one and a half myself.

But recently the old warhorse and games platform has been used less and less, due to two main factors: 1) It's windows, and I'm a linux geek. Since getting broadband, my uses for Redmond's offerings have paled and I've found myself only using it for games or synching with my mobile phone. 2) A creeping bug on 98 machines that means the dvice crashes when right-clicking in Explorer (the file manager). Or copying files, deleting files, installing shit... you name it, the damn thing would crash unless all I was doing was playing a game. So, time for the new.

A copy of 2K that my brother had got from his old orkplace would do fine for a games and occasional 'blows-only stuff platform. Installed fine, but I had a sneaking suspicion something was wrong. During the fifty-eight reboots needed to get the machine to a working state, I figured out what that was.

The bagbiting piece of malodorous shite overwrites the MBR. In laymans terms, it locked me out of booting Linux without a by-your-leave. Windows, in true Redmond fashion, decided I didn't need to run anything but it. The fucker. However, I proceeded with the install while putting some other computer hardware to good use.

So, my tally of shit to go on a new machine: 2K, service pack 4 update, AVG, AdAware, Spybot, ZoneAlarm, Mozilla, remove all reference to IE from the machine and then it's almost clear to hit the internet and set Windows Update going. Meanwhile, my assault on productivity software continues, as OpenOffice, CrimsonEd, Miranda et al find their way onto my machine in lieu of their proprietary counterparts. And it is good, oh yes it is. It works and I can actually use things like games once more (I'm going to end up a slave to Freedom Force just because I refuse to pay for an MMORPG, I can tell). The only things I miss are Palatino and Garamond, fonts normally installed with M$ office...

Oh yeah. Linux. The aim of this particular rant. Well, the only way to get my beloved Grub back and linux back into place on my machine is to get linux running. And there's never a better time to make a Knoppix live CD than when you really fucking need it. It's burning now, after slurping the ISO down on an unused machine. Get knoppix working, get Grub back on my MBR, and the world should be right once more. Here I go.

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