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Heading back

On the road yet again, this time back to Uni. Back to not having to be awake before it gets dark, back to my stash of Stoli and Sheridans and weapons-grade weed. Back to being able to be myself, with my stuff around me. Damn, that's going to be good.

So, what have I been up to apart from hurting my back, my teeth and lots of innocent people at Hogmanay? Well... not overmuch. I have got two assignments mostly done. Google Is My Friend. Just need to do some padding out and some wrapping up and plug some numbers into my equations. Though my FYP is no nearer completion, getting the backs of those two assignments broken is a nice way to go back. Though that I need to work out the better part of an encryption algorithm for Tuesday is not heartening, but I can bluff it and fill in the gaps on Monday night.

I've finished reading Deadlands: Lost Colony (which is good, and any fan of Deadlands and The Wasted West should give it a look), Book of the City (dodgy as hell intro fiction, some parts could have been done in a better style than "multiple voice" IC, and I would have focused on other aspects, but is still a good enough book), and Demon: The Fallen. To everyone that says Demon is bad because of any religious problem: Get a grip. This is a game, people. I believe in magic. I do believe I have performed magic. I have no problem portraying any of the factions in Mage, even if I find the premise behind some of them needing a lot of work. At the very least read through the background of the book before deciding to burn it or denounce it or whatever. What you will find is a rich, interesting premise with some excellent fleshing out and what all boils down to a mightily fine game. It comes in between Werewolf and Mage in my WoD hierarchy, which runs rather thusly:

1. Wraith
2. Werewolf
3. Demon
4. Mage
5. Hunter
6. Changeling
7. Vampire

I'll need to run a couple of games before I can be sure on that, but from reading the book it gets a first read pegging of third.

I've come up with most of the system for the System Shock RPG. I'm borrowing bits of system from Deadlands, Shadowrun, the generic WoD system, Trinity and HoL for the game system. I do need people to check through what I've written to see if I'm on crack or not, ad assistance with converting equipment would be most useful. Anyone that's even vaguely interested, post a comment or otherwise contact me. Not that anyone will, but I have to try.

Still no feedback on The Other Setting of Doom (damn you MFP, write the mail!).

And that's about it.

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