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Deus Ex: Chessman

This is a follow-up to my Deus Ex game, a hint at the kind of personalities present and a look into the non-PC arm of the UN special forces.

I'm in one of those moods where I want to take this and make it big. One post "supplement" with details on the setting, one on important NPCs and the two UN groups, one with the various terrorist organisations and story tips for using them, and one that brings it all together and blows it all wide open, a bigass book of secrets.

As an example, then, one of the UNSCIT top brass and professionally scary fuckers:

Major John Castledine

Major John Castledine oversees the communications and logistics of the United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team. Once the team are activated, he decides who does what, who doesn't do what and who kills what. He is the tactical God of every elite military assault unit, in control until the problem is resolved.

This is not the role most people would want given to a sociopath.

The only thing to fuck up Major John Castledine's head was Major John Castledine. His parents weren't to blame, nor his schoolfriends. He's always been the way he was and life in the US Marine Corps only cemented that. That he moved into military intelligence surprised very few. They overlooked his combination of kleptomania and sociopathy because he was one of the best they had. They were still glad when the order came through from Department Twelve to transfer him to the newly reorganised United Nations Special Crisis Intervention Team.

Chessman got his callsign early on. Despite being able to stay back at base and co-ordinate field operations he still has a burning need to get in close, to manage each operation personally and to direct the agents under his command like the pieces on a chess board. That he treats them no differently to lumps of plastic has not been overlooked.

Chessman is one of the most powerful people in the world. He has a trained force of cyborg and biorg soldiers running highly effective operations under his command. If he wanted to he could sieze control of any major world power he chose. But he couldnt' care less. Humans are the same as inanimate objects to him, and they have no intrinsic worth or value. He holds his position for now because it is something to do to stave off boredom, but if ever the Security Council alow him to get bored nobody knows what would happen.

Image: Chessman is a cyborg. His body is nothing but a tool and he has no problems altering it to best fit how he wants it to work. He's tall and stocky, thanks to a military reigime he has maintained since boot camp. His face is half-steel and various other parts under his simple black combat overall may be replaced but nobody ever sees them. What remains of his human face is entirely pasive, never registering emotion in conversation. His eyes are constantly hollow, something close acquaintances hope is because they are artificial.

Roleplaying Notes: You understand the world in ways many people refuse to. They think that other life forms are somehow different to a tree or a rock, or that people can claim that things "belong" to them. This belonging is a sham, as is their autonomy. They're not really real, not in the way that you are. They can think they are, and letting them think that means they can be useful in some ways but in the end they are only objects, and any object is completely and totally expendable as soon as you decide it. You know that the men and women you command realise this, and that if they do not they soon will. If they do not, they will die.

Division Twelve is interesting to you simply because it shares your outlook. The other people there treat their fellow humans as objects, aping you even though they could never be as real as you. But they give you interesting tactical excercises to occupy your mind, and their end goal is an amusing diversion. But when the end comes, you wil have to remind them like you remind everybody else — they are only as real as you want them to be. If they get out of hand, they will realise that you are the ultimate authority.

Nature: Leader
Origin: USMC Communications
Allegience: UNSCIT
Augmentation: Cyborg

Strength 3 (Brawl 3)
Dexterity 4 [Deceptively Fast] (Athletics 2, Firearms 3, Stealth 5)
Stamina 5 [Lives through Anything] (Endurance 4, Resistance 3)
Perception 4 [Subtle signs] (Awareness 4, Investigation 3)
Intelligence 5 [Procedural] (Computer 4, Intrusion 3, Lingiustics 2, Medicine 2, Tactics 4)
Wits 4 [Calculating] (Drive 2)
Appearence 2 (Intimidation 2)
Manipulation 5 [Hypnotising voice] (Command 5, Interrogation 3, Subterfuge 3)
Charisma 1

Backgrounds: Cipher 5, Clearence 6, Devices 4, Resources 4, Status (UNSCIT) 6, Status (UNATCO) 4

Willpower 10
Power 20
Defense 4
Soak (B/L) [7/6]
Slots 10/12
Stealth Modifier -2

Augmentations: Spy Drone 4, Van Eck Reader* 4, Vision Enhancement 3, Cloak 4, Radar Transparency 4, Regeneration 4, Environmental Resistance 2, Combat Strength 3, Computer Link 4, Run Silent 4

Equipment: Sniper rifle, wrist-bow, riot prod, combat armour [2B/4L], communications/logistic hub (+3 dice to all Tactics rolls made from within the hub) integrated into APC.

*Van Eck Reader
"Sensory fibres throughout the cranium scan for electromagnetic scattering of human brain impulses, feeding them through a rod-logic interpretation zone to the visual cortex allowing an agent to see what other people are feeling."
Area: Cranium
Power: (5/min)
Effect: Character can see basic mental states in those around him as colours. Level 1 gives broad emotional information, 2 more complex emotional (underlying states as well as dominant), 3 gives broad surface thoughts, 4 specific surface thoughts

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