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Bah. I say, bah! I need to be writing, but I still cannot find the spark. I find days like this deplorable, my need, my addiction for stringing words together entirely unsated. If I burst into flowery prose, forgive me.

Been reading through a lot of comics. Global Frequency, New X Men and Grant Morrison's run on JLA. This has left me in a notably epic frame of mind. Unfortunately, I still find myself without people willing to make a go of such a thing in a way that would be worthwhile. To be blunt, this is rather a bugger. I miss the days of random games where there would still be some kind of plot. Not that I miss Silvermoon per se, more the STZ group that grew and did their thing. I also miss playing a Virtual Adept who was one part myself, one part Kyle Rayner. That was a lot of fun. Damnit, I was trying not to think about that.

I need playtesters for this Deus Ex game. It's going to be real-time over IM or some kind of chatroom. Not play by post, not "next session in three months when we can all be together". Once a week minimum. If you are interested in being a tester and can spare one evening a week minimum in the ranges 4-9 Eastern US time Sun-Thurs and 4-12 Fri-Sat, let me know. I need to know. I need to see how this will pan out.

I also need impetus for a couple of ongoing stories. That's not going to happen any time soon, it seems.

So. Plans for the near future: Re-read the Filth. Write something on the phone. Do... something to make my life seem less wasted.

Fuck, I wish I had better goals.

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