Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

State of the World

I have decided not to wallow in my anger and depression and ranting. Or at least, to try not to. It's not exactly an easy task. But to save myself from venting spleen too much at people I know[0], I'm going back to politics.

Of a sort, at least. Politics and all that is wrong and broken in the world, combination soapbox, rant farm and anarchist manifesto. Picking apart the lies on every side of the fence, and probably writing something that will offend everyone at some point or another.

Enemy Terriroty is coming back. An e-mail list. At very least, one release every week. Another source of routine for me, another chance to laugh at me being insane and swearing for you. if you want to opt in. The first release goes out tomorrow.

[0]: Assuming those people let me know that they read the stories I write here, because no feedback means no more — you get this for free, it's the only payment I will ever ask.
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