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Time Moving Faster

The new is always the thing. The world cries out for new new new, wanting everything to be fresh to it's mind, knowing what it wants to see already. This is because people expect to see revisions of old characters, old ideas brought to light once more.

Their call for the new could not be a greater misnomer. They want the old. They want their iterations of history all over again and the media will give it to them.

Because of this, time is moving faster. History is cyclic anyway. Any student of world politics can see that. History is cyclic, but every time around the scale is bigger. And it is the media, which drives public opinion either from consent or sharp overreaction against, which drives politics. And the politicians are under pressure to be better, faster, stronger than before, to appease the blind mad idiot god that is called the People. And this pushes history to go round again and again, bigger and faster than before to push the ratings up.

The keyboard is still making beautiful clicky music as I type, but it's at the edge of hearing. I'm back to ideogenerating.

The problem is quite simple: Media people are shitheads. Abu Ghraib is not the shoah in this particular iteration, it is the British invention of the concentration camp during the Boer War. That was a previous cycle to the one in the second world war as well. The latter was a particularly high power.

Write out, using some kind of spreadsheet, the potential set of combinations of 12 binary elements. 212 rows. 4,096 potential combinations. I had reason to do this earlier today for something els too boring to possibly hold imagination. Write it like a mathematician, starting with all ones or all zeroes, and have the least significant (the rightmost, for the binary-ignorant) bit changing on each line, the next bit changing every two lines, the one after every four lines and so on and so forth. A logically ordered set of combinations. I'll tie this in to history in a minute. I'm not finished yet.

Why use 212? Because it's a fucking big number and using a spreadsheet gets you over a hundred pages of iterations. You need something big so you can sit back and let your eyes focus. Because of the nature of the task, I had started with an entirely true set (all 1's, for the binary-logic-ignorant). That meant that by the time I'd worked through all 4,096 rows I had all zeroes on the last row. That was perfect, as a zero is a much easier character for the eye to pick up on. If you haven't yet, fuck with the column spacing to make them all closer together. Then clear the gridlines out of the picture, sit back, let your eyes unfocus a bit, and scroll. It may help to take the 1's out of the picture entirely. This gets you a crude fractal hyperbolic set. Little histograms scrolling and finding bigger versions of themselves.

This has not been a fruitless tangent. It will in fact help me to illustrate my point about cyclic time and how it is moving faster. It'll help you visualise what's in my head.

The really fucking big hyperbola, the one that starts out with all those ones until it starts at the 2,049th row there on the right. That really fucking big omni-hyperbola that is the root of all this pseudo-fractal nonsense? That's the timeline of humanity. Of Earth. Whichever helps you see it. Each of these smaller graphs that are repeated at least once somewhere in the superstructure are the big noticeable things that happen in history. They're the timelines that say "Important bloke met unplanned incident, conflict ensued", or "Silly little twat gets big idea, wreaks havoc, gets smacked down".

Sound familiar? Sure, it's both World Wars in a nutshell, but it's also the silly office politics that plays out over weeks, it's the day to day life of people. If the vertical axis of our fractal graph is time, and it's getting further on the further down we go, the horizontal is severity and the further left you go the greater it is (fuck off, it's a visual based on some really boring piece of shit at work). The really big events are nothing but the really small events with more inertia behind them. Nobody burns down the Reichstag because Dave's pushing to get a report finished before a meeting. The difference is severity, the impact that the pressures and that one person can have on the world.

The music's almost gone. Which is a shame, really.

Media is driving events to have more and more severity, faster and faster. Until you get to the point of no return. There's only so far you can go before you hit ultimate impact. History moves in cycles and it's speeding up. After the massive wonderwork of death and insanity that was the 20th century is there any wonder that no futurist is reliably looking beyond 2050? What's the point. If we carry on the way we force a point of ultimate severity pretty fucking soon. There's only so many times you can replay the same old shit. We're being forced towards the end of the graph before our time.

Why? Some people would want to blame the stupidity of the mass consumer, and let's face it, they really are quite thick. But I'm pretty sure that the Big Media Fucktards aren't as short sighted and stupid as that. They have to know what they are doing, forcing the engine of history to step down through the gears until we hit that moment when the cylinders stop being pistons driving cams and start being anti-aircraft missiles, ripping out of the car, through the bonnet and into the wild blue yonder.

What a great night this is for metaphor.

Big Media has a plan, I'm pretty sure. Because if nothing else a conspiracy is the in thing again now that everyone who is anyone has read the "Da Vinci Code" and got their pop-conspiracy-mysticism glands stung despite the prose that's just-plain bad and never having heard of Illuminatus. Big Media have got sneaky-peeks of what is coming next if we are allowed to get there at the point that we should, rather than being forced through the Bigger Faster More culture that is being forced into people's brains even as evidence of it's failure piles up like shit around them. They do not like what is coming next because their brains are wired for the same monoculture bollocks as they feed to the world, and so they want to bring the point of conclusion here, when we're not ready for it. Because they know how to exploit people who aren't ready and if we-as-a-species ever get to the point of being ultimately exploited by Big Media, we're fucked.

See, up ahead somewhere is a crisis point. Look at the fractalgraph. We're due a bigger spike than the one we had before — history tells us that much. Bigger than we've had in a long, long time. If it hits at the right point, it could be a singularity. It could be an entelechy, at which point the noosphere becomes accessible to all. It could be a Big Media paradise. It all depends on when history loops again and how much Bigger and Newer it has to be for anyone to notice.

Millennial apocalyptica failed because it was shite. We've moved on since then. Done more interesting and new things than we had in the last decade of the 20th century. The whole apocalypse-end-of-the-world bollocks is a manufactured Dragon of Nirvana. It's designed to hook in people who want to believe that the world will end and to hook in the rabid futurists/new agers both and it's just stupid. We've moving on and changing at the rate that we should, but the dumb masses who haven't the advances that we could give them yet due to ancient legal bullshit are pushing for moremoremore at the hands of big media. Cracking the human genome? Yesterday's news. Where are our designer babies? Why can't I implant superhuman intelligence and the looks of Adonis into my kid? We're done with that, what's next? On and on, pushing for breakthroughs and crisis points with a greater and greater frequency, bored with things before they've seen them let alone had a chance to buy them off the shelf.

Big Media will keep inventing Dragons of Nirvana. What it doesn't realise is that soon enough one of those Dragons is going to be real. Statistical averages, cold hard probability. And they know it.

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