Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Signal to Noise

Falmer, the precise small town just outside of Brighton where we're staying until Thursday, is a weird place. Everything's on some curving hill, most everything is grass or buildings that would look more at home in some kind of holiday park than a university. But that could just be me being naturally wary of the geography of the South.

The one thign that really gets me is that it's fucking impossible to get signal. There's maybe five square inches of our room that I can make and take phone, and not a single part of the campus that I have found that has GPRS coverage. For a signal junky, writing things and waiting to beam them onto here, this is rather a bugger. I have the standard "I arrived" rant, completed just after arriving and a cursory wander around Brighton, and the next part of Futuremage, sat here on the Treo with nowhere to send them. Yet. Soon, I shall find a way.

In other news: circadians still fucked. Have been trying to sleep far too much at strange times in the day Entirely non-ill. Very glad to be with Kris.

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