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Fuck me

I never thought I'd manage that. Yes, it's nearly 7 in the morning, and I haven't yet slept. There is a reason for this.

I got my damn days confused. The day for the Chaos exam (Tuesday) and the day for the hand in (Monday) were both amalgamated into Tuesday in my head. When I sat down to start writing my Chaos assignment it was about midnight. I was already eight hours past the deadline. I did not realise this until about an hour and a half afterwards. My only hope is to get something about flu from the doctor as an excuse for my totally fucking awful memory and pray that my claim for extenuating circumstances is upheld. Otherwise, goodbye one module and goodbye six percent of my degree classification. Doesn't sound much, but it could well knock my prospective grades from a 1st/2:1 to a 2:1/2:2. This is a very, very fucking bad thing.

So here I am at seven in the morning, glad that I've finally finished with my assignment and listening to it print (have you any idea how hard it is to write 2000 words on the Chaos Game when all your included equations count as 0 words?). My back's giving me shit again, but not much. I'm just about cured of the shivers and fuzzy head I had for most of the night, and after twenty minutes of wrestling with Windows I have finally got it to boot again. Once my assignment is printed, I'm going to crash for five hours, go and do paperwork and meetings, and then head back to collapse for some proper sleep.

Looking around, my desks are full of empty cans of Red Bull, used glasses that need washing, candles, a bottle of tomato ketchup, my mobile phone, an empty can of curry twiglets, two running computers, my diary, a fuckload of paper, and a whole load of caffeine pills and painkillers trying to keep me up and working, rather than up and groaning at the pain in my back and head.

Thanks to catnik and Lydia for helping me stay focused and sane. And giving me pictures of cuddly Sierpinski gaskets. I'd want one, if I could stand to look at it.

I sleep now.

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