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Last Few Days

Last few days since getting back have been a blur. However, I owe it to myself for when my memory starts going to have some kind of note.

Thursday was spent travelling, Five hours on trains up from Brighton. Strangely bearable, even if the only reservations I could get (and nobody gets on a London-Hull train scheduled right for the rush-hour commuters without said) were in the smoking section. Ah well. We got home, ate and did basic things like getting sleep sorted out, and drinking. It's weird, every time I'm at home, the alcohol flows.

Friday was nice and relaxed. The absence of parents (at the wedding-thing) and brother meant that we had the place to ourselves. Of course, such states of affairs never last. After cooking a rather good meal, parents returned to take us to the Night Do, from which the last non-fiction entry was posted. There was drinking and bad 80's music, and I even allowed Kris to have me dancing to it, for a short while. I believe she considers this something of a conquest, but I cannot be sure.

Yesterday was a trip to York, driven by my mum. We ate and wandered the various streets, several of which have small plaques denoting when they were built, or rebuilt. Most of which are from before we knew there was an America. York's history-fu is strong. Of course, this particular trip had my mum along as a guide, and while not particularly bad this did make it impossible for me to inhale a much-needed cigarette. I fear that this occurance will not be rectified until tomorrow. Last night was random sofa-dwelling, along with random comedy (no, I've not yet given Kris the Black Books treatment, that's for later). I also got kingmob (the newly rechristened laptop — they get renamed every time they get a new hard drive and OS install) up and running, and hunt still for the perfect WindowMaker theme. My first machine not to have Windows and it's a lapdog. Will wonders never cease?

Tomorrow sees us up in Edinburgh, by train. Likely, there will be much drinking, much random ideas and much insanity. Again, I'll only be around on the Treo (e-mail link), as Kingmob is rather too bulky for such excursions save for when I have something planned. I intend to finish Strange Religion, though, and mobile-post it. That would be nice. But if I don't, it's because I'm enjoying myself too damn much.

Other than that, I'm going to sign off because I've spent far too long online when it's my holiday.

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