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At the invite of aarondb, I found a particularly sad example of a, well, the best phrase for it is "political dissident". Said creature believed that it was the first to come up with some spectacularly startling discoveries, such as that the people in power want to remain in power and will do illegal things to do so, and that terrorism and other FUD[0] is being used to slip in evil laws and raise taxes. You know, the kind of thing that has been obvious to anyone with a brain these past four or five years.

I would have been somewhat accepting, were it not for a couple of facts. Firstly, the original tirade was almost unreadable for atrocious grammar and capitalisation. Secondly, said tirade was pointed out as being "THE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU WILL EVER READ"[1], despite being tired and old. Thirdly, the fucktard thought that the government would come for him or delete his blog for posting old facts. But the worst was yet to come.

See, aarondb is the Coolest Man Alive. And, in his infinite coolness he saw to visit upon the fucktard a revelation. And this revelation was "Lo, son. You need to chill the fuck out. You're not the first person to say this, you won't be the last. But spewing it out on the net without even a spellcheck, and spamming to promote yourself, is not the way to do it."[2] Fucktard responded in a most derogatory manner, including calling Aaron an idiot who was part of the problem.

Recap: Idiot made no suggestions as to what to do. Idiot apparently wanted some people to tell him how cool he was and to feed his little paranoid conspiracy fantasy.

t is at this point I join the situation, telling the creature that he has not come up with anything new, and that anyone with a functioning brain had already worked out this "most important thing ever". I also call him on his ludicrous approach to grammar and presentation, his inability to write a readable sentence, and his complete lack of originality. He commented about probably banning Aaron and it being a little hypocritical. I mentioned that it was a lot hypocritical given the content of his rant. He responded "Lucky for me I didn't then.", and promptly banned me and Aaron, and deleted our posts.

Note to the medium-left: You are no safer than anyone else. Idiots are the worst problem, worse even than politics, and I shall continue to call an idiot an idiot for as long as I can be bothered.

[0]: iSpell has "FUD" in it's dictionary.
[1]: Caps from the idiot.
[2]: I paraphrase because I not remember
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