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Thursday night

Kris was/is driving for eleven hours today in a convoy with parents. I wish her patience for that particular endeavour and hope everything goes smoothly getting back into life as a grad student.

Personally, I've been off my game. Strange Religion still isn't done (and you'll crucify me after all this waiting when it is delivered). A couple shorts, one about political gods and one a mostly "traditional" SF piece based on the generic dark SF found in computer games, haven't got past the state of being gestated concepts. My longer work isn't any further on, a fact which does bother me. I'm losing interest in it already and I have to rekindle that spark, for my own sake if nothing else. Various other half-formed ideas that I can't even recall without my exobrain, carelessly left in another pocket. Random odds and sods for the Deus Ex game and an expansion/revision of the Transformers concept and systems. An essay on sigil-based chaos magic pitched at hackers that was running through my head.

None of that tonight. Tonight was ploughing job listings and finishing up on everything I missed over my holiday. Tonight was also finalising ideas for a Mage game that I may well write up as it happens to use as an example starting chronicle to show new players, providing the other player agrees.

All that makes it sound like I've been rather lazy, and I guess I have. But such is the way of the week.

A week ago right now we were curled up in bed, having hopped a train back from Edinburgh and needing to be rested for the morning. Gods, I wish that were true now.

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